Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wed., Oct. 3

Do you want to hear from me when nothing notable has happened??? Since Monday, we have just been doing our normal life. Hannah went to school and walked all the way inside by herself. She doesn't like to do that, but she can. Yesterday when we were waiting to pick up Halee she asked Ms. Tammy where she has been. Today she was there to meet Hannah at the bus. Hannah seems to have better days if Tammy walks her in. Tuesday, Halee went to school and Hannah and I did some shopping. Nana had sent the girls gift cards at Target for their birthdays. Hannah is quite the shopper and has to really look at everything and decide what to get. She finally decided on a new Barbie movie (the Nutcrakcer) and a little purse with lip gloss in it. We went to Ross also and got a couple of new shirts for her. She has to wear collared shirts to school and those are hard to come by in her size! We also had swim lessons yesterday afternoon. Halee loves to jump in and put her head under the water. Hannah isn't quite there yet, but she was putting all her face under to find the rings. Hannah did a great job kicking her legs instead of walking ( the pool is so shallow she can just walk while her teacher pulls her instead of kicking). Today, Hannah is at school and Halee and I went to Target to spend her gift card. She wanted to buy a shirt. So, we found a cute sweatshirt and sweatpant outfit for her to buy. Now we are at home and I need to work on Bible class material for tonight. Then off to the bus barn to answer phones for a couple of hours and then drive the bus. Then home for dinner and bible class. That is our exciting lives!


JeremyNSunny said...

Mmmmm.... "Normal life" >> sometimes I can remember what that's like! :)