Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sun, Oct. 14th

Can you believe another week has gone by? Here are the highlights.

On Monday, the girls had a fun time playing with their daddy. First they did this trick of being on top of dad's feet and they he would drop them over to the side. They loved it!

Then they played a game of hide and seek and dad was the monster.
Nothing else really exciting happened until Friday. The girls and I went to Billings. I needed to get their annual picture made at Sears. But mostly they had fun playing at Gramma's.

Here is Halee coloring at Gramma's house.

Here is Hannah and Gramma having a tea party.

Then on Saturday, cousin Chloe came too.
Here they are playing dress up.

Here they are trying to take a nice picture for Gramma. It didn't work out too well!

Here they are throwing leaves at each other.

Here they are cooking with the sand.

They had a blast playing together!


Ray Churchman said...

Thanks for the pictures.The girls look great. Take some of yourself also.

Charissa said...

It looks like everyone was having fun today (10/14)!! The girls are growing fast. Sure is a BIG pantry. Have fun filling that thing up.

P.S.- You'll be traveling soon. Are Hannah & Halee excited? Have they flown in an airplane before?