Friday, August 21, 2009

Yellowstone Bible Camp

Ed calculated it up the other day and we will have spent an entire month this summer at Bible Camp. It's a good thing we enjoy going! We start our summer off every year by going to the Memorial Day camp which is the camp where we go and get the camp ready for the summer. Lots of cleaning and whatever needed repairs are completed. About a month later, we head back up for Early Family Camp. I am the head cook and Ed is the manager. It was quite a busy week! Our camp was full and I was cooking for about 130 people - 3 meals a day for 7 days! The last week of July we headed to Lander, Wyoming for Wyoming Bible camp. I was the head cook for about 160 people. Ed and the girls we just participants in the camp. We were home for a week and then the next week we headed back up to Yellowstone Bible camp for Family Camp 3, where again, I was the head cook but this was the smallest crowd maxing out at about 120, but mostly for about 100. The last camp we go to is Labor Day camp. I am not the cook for this camp and am REALLY looking forward to just going and hanging out!

Here I am in the kitchen!

Too bad this picture is blurry! This is Sydney, Halee & Hannah.

On top of being the camp manager, Ed also taught the 6-12 year olds bible class. He had 17 students. They studied the Armor of God. He came up with some great crafts!

The biggest thing that the girls got into this year was making this flower garden. They arranged these rocks and would go around camp picking flowers and "planting" them. The found some scrap wood laying around and made a bench they are all sitting on. Halee was more into this than Hannah. Pictured are Riley, Kailen, Titus & Halee.

Since I was in the kitchen most of the time, Ed was the photographer. I found this picture he took of the girls looking at the creek.

Ed took the girls up to "Little T". (Notice the T-Shirt Hanging on the branch - when you get up there, you sign your name on the shirt. There is also a big T-shirt mountain, but they haven't done that one yet!)

The best way down was on their bottoms!

The end of the hike!

On Friday night of camp, they have a talent show. Hannah and her friends, Sydney & Matti, all worked together to make this poster.

Then the three of them sang Blue Skies and Rainbows for us. Wow! I am so proud of Hannah for sharing her talent with everyone.

Unfortunately, the camera never made it out at the other camps.

Friday, August 7, 2009

What's up?

I know that all of you are wondering what is up with us. We have been super busy this summer and I don't see things slowing down until September. I have wanted to do a post with pictures and such, but the time hasn't been available for that. So, I will just give a brief summary and hope to post pictures some other time.

We are leaving tomorrow to go to our 3rd bible camp of the season. I was the cook for Early Family camp at Yellowstone Bible Camp the last week of June. Last week we were at Wyoming Bible camp where I was the cook for that camp also. Tomorrow we are headed back to Yellowstone Bible camp for Family camp 3 where I will be the cook. It has been a busy cooking summer. I really enjoy the work and REALLY enjoy being around so many christian people. Our whole family enjoys it, actually. WBC was a bit different for the girls because it is more of a teen camp. It was a new place and they just weren't too sure about it. But by the end of the week, they fit right in and all was well. Ed is looking forward to doing a lot of fishing this week. Last time we were at YBC, he was the manager and didn't have much time for anything else.

The other big news is that we have decided not to move to Colorado. After much praying, it seems that God has decided that we are needed right here in Bozeman. We only had 2 showings on our house, so that wasn't going too well. I interviewed for 4 positions with the school district and didn't get any jobs. So, here we are. Ed is doing some engineering from home. I am working full time at the bus barn. God is taking care of us and for that we are very thankful!