Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Program

Here is the girls Christmas program. The exciting part of the Christmas program this year was that we only had to go to one! Both girls are now in the same school and had the same program. The interesting part is that it is during the school day. It worked out best for me to go at 9:30 and Ed at 12:45!

I started with the end and worked my way to the beginning because when you load pictures, that is how you have to do it. Well, with video, I guess you don't! Anyway, just some snippettes of songs they sang.

Hannah is on the middle row in a black shirt. Here are the names of the songs in the order you will hear them. 1. Zumba, Zumba 2. The 12 Days of Christmas 3. Mistletoe Gifts

(Blogger is not being very user friendly for me tonight!) So, Halee's songs are next. Halee is in the front row in the red dress with the white collar. She is singing... 1. Decorate the Tree 2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas 3. If I could fly like a snowflake. Enjoy!

Next, to work on Christmas!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanksgiving in Texas

Going backwards in time, this post is our trip to Texas for Thanksgiving. We gone 7 1/2 days, traveled almost 2800 miles, stayed at 3 relatives homes, and saw all of my family except 5 cousins.

Our trip began on Friday, November 20th. We headed to Billings. Saturday morning, we were out of town by 7 am. Our destination - Denver!

In Denver, we stayed at my Uncle Kerry and Aunt Marsha's home. 3 of their kids (my cousins) came over for dinner. We were going to get a picture of all the kids, but forgot. Connor and Braxton were there also, but had already headed home. These are my cousin Jennifer's boys.

Saturday when we got to town, we headed to Casa Bonita for dinner. We sat at a table right by the diving pond and watched the diving show 3 times!

Sunday began by going to church in Castle Rock. Always good to worship with old friends! Lunch was at Chipotle - Ed's favorite restaurant. He enjoys the one pound burrito!

After lunch we headed to the Butterfly Pavillion.

So many different types of butterflies!

The butterfly pavillion has this large open atrium where the butterflies just flutter around.

Hannah and Halee were trying to stand still to see if a butterfly would land on them!

We finished the day off with a trip to the mall and dinner at my uncle and aunt's.

Monday, we headed for Clovis to visit my Granny Dot. Always good to still be able to visit her. She will celebrate her 90th birthday in April. She still lives in her own home by herself, drives her car wherever she needs to go, volunteers at the Hope Center a couple of times a week, and plays lots of bridge.

Tuesday we finally made it to Amarillo.
Wednesday evening the big treat was dinner at the Big Texan!

We had our dinner, were serenaded by the band and enjoyed the games afterwards. The girls were given some tokens by a generous man in the lobby and tried their hand at gambling! We played until all the coins were winnings!

Dad also played the shooting game with Halee.

We celebrated Christmas that evening with my parents. Ed had a large package that warranted a large bow.

Of course, the girls helped open up everyone else's presents also.

Halee finally got an American Girl doll (although generic, she loves it!).

This is my mom very excited to receive her gifts.

Hannah presents all seemed to follow a science theme this year. However, her favorite seems to be these moon boots.
Another present she got was the diet coke experiment. Peter was very excited to go outside and blow it up! We all enjoyed the explosion and tried it again.

Lastly, were able to see my brother, Peter. We haven't seen him since 2005! The girls always seem to enjoy rough housing and tickling with Uncle Peter.

Our journey home began on Friday, November 27. We were able to stop in Colorado Springs and have lunch with some friends. We made it all the way to Cheyenne. Saturday we drove on home. It was a great trip, but glad to be home again.

Now, onto Christmas! I will try to post soon the girls Christmas program...stay tuned!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Our Christmas Card this year:

Dashing through last year
Was really quite a scare
We thought that we would move
It was for God to prove.
Ed’s office closed the door
Colorado was the goal
Our house was on the market
We thought we had a target.
Wilson tales, Wilson tales, this is what we did
We waited and we waited to see what God would bid!
It became clear to us
Colorado was not the plus
To stay in Montana
Seemed very clear to us.
Ed was offered a previous position
To work at Stahly Engineerin’
We are in a happy disposition
To see God’s provision.
Wilson tales, Wilson tales, this is how we’ve been
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

When thinking about costumes this year, we visited Gramma's pattern supply. Halee found a pattern of a mermaid and was set. We went to the fabric store and it had to look exactly like the picture. I think we did a pretty good job!

Hannah had several ideas in mind before she settled on a bunny. She recently lost the two teeth on each side of the front middle teeth (sorry I don't know the name!) So, she had bunny teeth! I was willing to sew the whole bunny outfit, but she just wanted a white sweat suit with a tummy and tail. Did you know that you cannot find white sweat pants in this town? Well, I ended up making them!

Actually all of us were in costume this year. (but guess who was behind the camera!) Ed dressed up as a sword belonging to the Holy Spirit.

Our church decided to hold a trunk or treat. One emphasis that they wanted to have was to give the community something more than candy. There were several biblical based games. Our was a pictionary game where someone drew something from the Bible and they had to guess what it was. Two from our YAC group helped run the game, but in the end Hannah ended up drawing most of the pictures! It was definately beneficial to her to be on the giving side.

Here is our trunk. Can you guess what it is?

Jonah and the Big Fish! Ed did a great job putting this one together.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall 2009

Well, fall is here and we in full swing with school. The girls are now going to Emily Dickinson Elementary school. Hannah is in 2nd grade. School started for her on August 26th.

Halee started Kindergarten on September 2nd. You will find her picture below because I can't get it moved to where I want it!
Just a cute picture of the girls!

We ended our Yellowstone Bible Camp season on Labor Day. I was not the cook and Ed was not the manager. We did a lot of nothing that weekend and enjoyed camp. We had a great time! We will miss the camp until next year, but sure did enjoy this year.
On September 12th, Grandma and Chloe came for a visit. We decided to go to Rocky Creek Farm. It is a farm that grows vegetables for the public to come and pick.

You ride on a tractor out to whereever it is you want to go. They always give the kids the opportunity to drive. This driver let all 3 drive 2 times! The kids loved it.

We picked raspberries, apples, corn and squash.

There is always lots of hay bales around.

On August 31st, Halee had her 5th birthday.

(Here is the picture of Halee's 1st day of school)

This year we decided to have a joint birthday party for the girls at the Ridge. The Ridge is an athletic club with a kids play zone. They chose a swimming party.

We are still working with the YAC (Young Adult Christian) group. They come to our home every Monday for a Bible study. We have been having 12-14 every week along with the Atwoods. The Atwoods are the other couple that we work with in this ministry.

On September 19th, Hannah turned 7. All she wanted was a camera!

Skip forward one month....Last weekend we went to Hamilton to visit some friends. They toured us around the area doing kid friendly things. One of the things we did was feed the ducks. They were a hungry group of ducks!

We also went to this place called Qwivals. We wanted to do the corn maze. Due to the early arrival of winter, the corn all shrunk! We did part of the maze anyway. Afterwards, we found this place for a picture.
The last of the big news is that Ed is employed again! Stahly Engineering has rehired him on a part time basis. He started working just 24 hours a week, but has moved up to about 30 hours. It works out well for us right now. I still go to work at 7, he gets the kids ready and takes them to school, goes to work and then gets off in time to pick them up. I get off at 4. As his hours increase we may have to work something else out, but for now, this works. We are thankful that God has taken care of us.
I think this gets you caught up on what we have been up do. Since school started, we haven't done too much. It has been nice to stay home!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Yellowstone Bible Camp

Ed calculated it up the other day and we will have spent an entire month this summer at Bible Camp. It's a good thing we enjoy going! We start our summer off every year by going to the Memorial Day camp which is the camp where we go and get the camp ready for the summer. Lots of cleaning and whatever needed repairs are completed. About a month later, we head back up for Early Family Camp. I am the head cook and Ed is the manager. It was quite a busy week! Our camp was full and I was cooking for about 130 people - 3 meals a day for 7 days! The last week of July we headed to Lander, Wyoming for Wyoming Bible camp. I was the head cook for about 160 people. Ed and the girls we just participants in the camp. We were home for a week and then the next week we headed back up to Yellowstone Bible camp for Family Camp 3, where again, I was the head cook but this was the smallest crowd maxing out at about 120, but mostly for about 100. The last camp we go to is Labor Day camp. I am not the cook for this camp and am REALLY looking forward to just going and hanging out!

Here I am in the kitchen!

Too bad this picture is blurry! This is Sydney, Halee & Hannah.

On top of being the camp manager, Ed also taught the 6-12 year olds bible class. He had 17 students. They studied the Armor of God. He came up with some great crafts!

The biggest thing that the girls got into this year was making this flower garden. They arranged these rocks and would go around camp picking flowers and "planting" them. The found some scrap wood laying around and made a bench they are all sitting on. Halee was more into this than Hannah. Pictured are Riley, Kailen, Titus & Halee.

Since I was in the kitchen most of the time, Ed was the photographer. I found this picture he took of the girls looking at the creek.

Ed took the girls up to "Little T". (Notice the T-Shirt Hanging on the branch - when you get up there, you sign your name on the shirt. There is also a big T-shirt mountain, but they haven't done that one yet!)

The best way down was on their bottoms!

The end of the hike!

On Friday night of camp, they have a talent show. Hannah and her friends, Sydney & Matti, all worked together to make this poster.

Then the three of them sang Blue Skies and Rainbows for us. Wow! I am so proud of Hannah for sharing her talent with everyone.

Unfortunately, the camera never made it out at the other camps.