Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Program

Here is the girls Christmas program. The exciting part of the Christmas program this year was that we only had to go to one! Both girls are now in the same school and had the same program. The interesting part is that it is during the school day. It worked out best for me to go at 9:30 and Ed at 12:45!

I started with the end and worked my way to the beginning because when you load pictures, that is how you have to do it. Well, with video, I guess you don't! Anyway, just some snippettes of songs they sang.

Hannah is on the middle row in a black shirt. Here are the names of the songs in the order you will hear them. 1. Zumba, Zumba 2. The 12 Days of Christmas 3. Mistletoe Gifts

(Blogger is not being very user friendly for me tonight!) So, Halee's songs are next. Halee is in the front row in the red dress with the white collar. She is singing... 1. Decorate the Tree 2. Jolly Old St. Nicholas 3. If I could fly like a snowflake. Enjoy!

Next, to work on Christmas!