Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here are just some pictures I have taken recently. I haven't been too good about taking pictures or blogging about them lately! So, here are a few!

Drinking a milk shake

At a recent visit to Claire's, Halee was trying on sunglasses.

A couple of weeks ago, Halee and I were stuck on the bus for 4 hours. There was an explosion downtown and we were put on standby in case we needed to evacuate a school that was nearby. We sat at the fairgrounds waiting for 4 hours! We had fun entertaining ourselves. Here Halee was using an umbrella that was left on the bus. She went outside the bus and splashed in the puddles.

Yesterday was our last day of skiing this year. It was VERY slushy by the afternoon and a bit difficult to ski in. We had a great ski year. Halee can now ski on her own. She just follows us where ever we go. She even did Hully Gully and the Terrain Park yesterday. Here Ed was waiting on us to catch up. He decided to instigate a snowball fight! I had to ski to get away!

This week was our spring break. My mom was here from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning. The girls spent lot of time with her playing and doing projects. Unfortunately, I was busy working and getting my application together for Craig, so I wasn't able to spend a bunch of time with her. But she comes to see the kids, right?

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, it's time I give you an update as to what is happening in our lives right now.

Last fall, Ed inquired about a preaching position in Craig, Colorado. The congregation was interested in him and asked us to come down for an interview. So, in November we traveled to Colorado for a long weekend. They ended up offering him the position before we left town. After much thought and prayer, Ed excepted the job on the condition that we could sell our house.

So, for the last few months we have been eagerly working on the house to get it completed to put on the market. Last week we did get the sign in the yard and a call to have our first showing yesterday.

Wednesday Ed received a call in the office from the president of the company stating that they have decided to close the office here in Bozeman. Ed is now currently "unemployed." This is an answer to prayer, we believe, to show us that we are indeed on our way to Craig, Colorado. However, the next few months will be trying as we still have bills to be paid! My manager said that I could work more "full time" in the office. Ed has called a few clients to see if they have work he can do for them. We are doing the best we can to get through this tough economic time.

Now we are more eager to get the house sold so that we can close this chapter of our lives and move into the next chapter. We don't plan on leaving here until June and hope that our house can sell during that time. We would like to ask you to continue to pray for us as we make this transition.