Thursday, November 29, 2007

Who Does Hannah look like?

Just thought I'd try it to see what it did!

Who Does Halee look like?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


This blog is about Halee today. It was her day to go to school. She has been asking when she gets to go to school since the last day she went (a week ago due to Thanksgiving). She really enjoys going.

Each week they "study" a letter of the alphabet. This week is the letter j. Most of their activities revolve around that letter. Today they made junk sculptures. She said that each kid made something out of junk and to ask what it is. This is Halee's. Can you guess what it is??? It's Little Baby Jesus! When we got home she was looking for his eyes and could only find one. You can't see it in this picture, but there is an eye in there!!

This is her coloring page of the day. When they first arrive at school, there are many options of things for them to do. Coloring is always one of them. Most days she just colors a small amount of the picture and then moves onto something else. Not today! I thought you might enjoy seeing her color page!

Also, they will be having a Christmas program December 10th. So today they came home with the words to Away in a Manger to learn by then. Also a poem about the 3 Kings. I remember Hannah doing this same thing. We'll practice and see how it goes. I'll try and post some video of the program!

Saturday, November 24, 2007


For Thanksgiving, we went to Billings to be with Ed's family. His brother and family were there also. It was fun for the girls to play together. This is Chloe and Halee in their dress-up clothes. Chloe wore this dress all day - she went from jammies to Cinderella to jammies!

Today before we left, Hannah and Halee did some dressing up. Here is Halee.
And here is Hannah.

Christmas came early at our house. Ed and I both got a new computer - that is 2 of them - one desk top for me and a laptop for Ed. (So, if you are wondering what to get us for Christmas, $ to go towards the computer fund would be great!!!!!) Anyway, Ed set up my computer at his parents house to check it out. Here everyone is watching a game being played.

Well, I have this really cute video of all the girls singing, but blogger is not letting me load it. I'll try again another day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sorry it has been so long since I've written. Things seem to have been crazy the last week or so. I think it mostly started with a charter that I did over the weekend. I took a bus load of kids to Billings to a youth rally thing for their church. I left Friday afternoon and got some Sunday morning at 2 am. Also, last Friday was Grandparents Day at Hannah's school. So , Mike and Peggy came over on Thursday for that. They took Hannah home with them. Then she got to ride the bus home with me. Anyway, here are some highlights of this week!

Here is a project that Halee did at school this week. The turkey is her hand print. They painted each finger a color and she stamped it on the paper (that is how she explained it to me!).

Last night was bath night. They wanted to take a bath my tub so that they could have bubbles. In the past when I turned the bubbles on, Halee jumped out of the tub. Last night they both had a good time!

Today at school, Hannah had a little Thankgiving program. She was to dress as a pilgrim. They made the hat and necklace at school.

Here she is singing her songs. They do sign language to most songs that they learn and that is why her hand is up!

This is just a picture of her class as they sing.

Here is a picture of just the girls in her class.

And for the videos. Here are a few of the songs they sang.

Here are a few of the projects that Hannah brought home today. The pumpkin is made of circles. They folded them in half, cut a slit and then put them on another circle. She was telling me about the turkey the other day. When they were making the feathers, they decided they looked like tear drops. She said they would hold them by their eyes! The other is a pilgrim girl made out of a paper plate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


We woke up to snow this morning. Of course, the girls couldn't wait to play in it. This morning before we even left for our bus route, they were outside making snow balls! While Halee was at school this morning, Hannah and I made this snowman.
Halee made this ant at school today. They are talking about insects.

As you can see, I had my bus at home. Yesterday Ed called me at lunch and said that his truck wouldn't start and the starter was out. He got it home and then took me to work and he kept the van. I just brought the bus home last night and had it here all day. It was kind of nice to be able just go on my route without having to go get the bus! The down side was that I had to clean all the snow off if it this morning. Anyway, Ed got his truck fixed and he came and got me at the bus barn this evening. So, all is back to normal.
That's all the excitement for today!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hannah's 1st Kindergarten Conference

For those of you far away and are wondering how Hannah is doing in school, I wanted to share what we learned at her first parent/teacher conference. She's doing great! Academically, she is right on track. This is her report card. I don't know if you'll be able to read it. She got S+ in almost everything except math. She is having some trouble with her numbers, mostly just writing them backwards (including writing 17 71). She also got S's in Science, Social Studies, Music and Spanish. I think that means that she particiaptes and does fine. The comment at the bottom says, "Hannah is sometimes saddened to the point of tears with separation anxieties, this first quarter at school." We mostly talked about that in the conference. Sometimes she just gets sad and cries and we don't really know why. Mrs. King has tried everything she knows and sometimes she still just cries. We don't really know what to do. She is excited about school, enjoys school and has no problem going or coming home. HMMMMmmmmm. I did ask if she is having more better days than sad days and Mrs. King said yes. So, we are making progress and hopefully those days will come to an end.

The following pictures are some projects that Hannah has done at school over the course of time that Mrs. King gave to us at the conference. I tried to put them in order from oldest to newest. If you look at the way she wrote her name on this paper compared to some papers later on, you'll see a big difference!

This is an "odd dog."

This is a lion!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

In Billings

We are in Billings this weekend (we being the kids and I - Ed has a class all weekend at the building). We came because Ed and I decided to bring Hannah to a doctor here in Billings to see if we could get more information or a 2nd opinion on why Hannah is sick all the time. So yesterday we had an appointment with and Ear, Nose and Throat doctor here. She is an amazing doctor. For several years now, several of us (me, Ed, Peggy) have felt that the reason Hannah gets sick often is because of her tonsils. We saw an ENT in Bozeman and he said it was her ears. Well, this doctor says it is definately her tonsils and adnoids. I have always thought of Hannah a good sleeper. She actually is not because she makes lots of groaning/grunting sounds, tosses and turns all night long and wakes up grumpy. Her adnoids are causing her to make the noises, which wakes her up enough to make her toss, which makes her wake up grumpy! Then because they are always enlarged, she gets a stuffy nose and cough all the time. SSSSOOOO, on December 26th, she is having her tonsils and adnoids removed. We hope and pray this will solve a lot of her problems and she will be able to be healthy!

Just one picture today. As I said we are in Billings. Last night we watched a movie and when the movie had ended and the music was playing, Hannah, Halee and Gramma all did some dancing! (I'm not sure why the picture is blurry, but . . . you can tell what is going on!)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Weekend

We were able to stay home most of Saturday. Ed did have to make a Home Depot run and Hannah and I ran a few places, but it was another productive weekend at home. Next weekend will not be that way, but it was good to have 2 weekends to get some projects done around the house.

On Thursday, I went to Ladies Bible study and the girls stayed home with Dad. When I left, they were upstairs building blocks. This picture was actually taken on Friday because Hannah was so proud of her house that she didn't want it knocked down. So it stayed up till Friday. She built all of it by herself except the tower part on the left. Her structural engineering dad did that part!
Here are the projects that got done on Saturday. Ed spent most of the time in the garage getting everything finally put away. He also installed his dust collection system (that's the pipes on the wall behind all the saws and such) that he's had for at least 2 years. He had a gift card at some point in time and this is what he bought. I know that he's had it since before we moved out of the blue house. So, I'm glad he is finally getting to use it.

And he did get to use it while he was laying the floor in the office. This is all he got done because he didn't start until 4:00. However, it will be very nice once completed.

A couple of other special things happened on Saturday. As I was eating my lunch, I was looking thru a local magazine for parents. In there is a calendar of things happening around town. I saw that the Equinox theatre was putting on a play for the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I thought that Hannah would enjoy that. So, an hour later we were out the door. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was very good. There were only 2 actors that changed into different characters clothes. They only had 2 props - boxes - that they used. The rest was imaginary. They also involved the kids in certain places during the play. It only lasted an hour, which was perfect for kids attention. We will definately have to go again. I think each play lasts for 3-4 weeks and then they put on another. It is every Satruday at 2:00.
We also had a family movie night. Ed and I are not movie buffs and hardly ever watch any. I thought it would be nice to go and get a movie. When I got to the rental store, I didn't even recognize any of the titles. So, I picked out the movie, Evan Almighty. It was a story about how this guy is elected congressman and wants to change the world. He prays to God for help and God has a plan for him to build an ark. The girls watched it also. I doubt they got much of the story line, but it was neat for them to see how big the ark was and how many animals fit in it.
That about sums it all up. Today was potluck day at church and a baby shower for the 3 new baby boys in our congregation. When we got home it was almost 3. Time for naps and back again for evening services. Back to work/school tomorrow!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

I've been slowly unpacking the boxes to my office now that the cabinets are hung. Tuesday evening, the girls turned some boxes into their dog houses. Here is Halee. . .

And here is Hannah . . .

Tuesday was also a "harvest party" for Halee's class. We signed up to bring a treat. Here is what we made. 2 Ritz crackers with frosting spread on them. Put 8 pretzel legs on one side and put together. Dip in Chocolate almond bark and add candy corn eyes. (The original recipe says to use peanut butter, which I think taste better, but Halee's school is peanut free so we used chocolate frosting.)
Here are all the princesses in Halee's class. There are 12 kids and all are girls but 1 boy (he is the cell phone).
Here is our pumpkin this year. Hannah would draw on paper what she wanted and Ed would try and copy it. It is a girl pumpkin with hair and earrings. Ed did get it to look pretty much like Hannah wanted it.

And . . . (drum roll) . . . the costumes this year.
Halee wanted to be a princess. I had already made this dress a few years ago when Hannah was a princess. We added some new accessories and . . .
Hannah is a cheerleader. She wouldn't stand still, so you get the true Hannah!

Happy Halloween!

Also on Wednesday, Hannah had a little "play" at school. I forgot my camera, but wanted to tell you about it. It was called "God's Creation". They each were assigned a day and held up items to show what God made that day. Hannah was a day 3 girl and held up a watering can with flowers. They had a little saying for each day and a memory verse - Genesis 1:1. They did sign language to the memory verse and sand 2 songs with sign language.