Saturday, November 24, 2007


For Thanksgiving, we went to Billings to be with Ed's family. His brother and family were there also. It was fun for the girls to play together. This is Chloe and Halee in their dress-up clothes. Chloe wore this dress all day - she went from jammies to Cinderella to jammies!

Today before we left, Hannah and Halee did some dressing up. Here is Halee.
And here is Hannah.

Christmas came early at our house. Ed and I both got a new computer - that is 2 of them - one desk top for me and a laptop for Ed. (So, if you are wondering what to get us for Christmas, $ to go towards the computer fund would be great!!!!!) Anyway, Ed set up my computer at his parents house to check it out. Here everyone is watching a game being played.

Well, I have this really cute video of all the girls singing, but blogger is not letting me load it. I'll try again another day!