Saturday, November 10, 2007

In Billings

We are in Billings this weekend (we being the kids and I - Ed has a class all weekend at the building). We came because Ed and I decided to bring Hannah to a doctor here in Billings to see if we could get more information or a 2nd opinion on why Hannah is sick all the time. So yesterday we had an appointment with and Ear, Nose and Throat doctor here. She is an amazing doctor. For several years now, several of us (me, Ed, Peggy) have felt that the reason Hannah gets sick often is because of her tonsils. We saw an ENT in Bozeman and he said it was her ears. Well, this doctor says it is definately her tonsils and adnoids. I have always thought of Hannah a good sleeper. She actually is not because she makes lots of groaning/grunting sounds, tosses and turns all night long and wakes up grumpy. Her adnoids are causing her to make the noises, which wakes her up enough to make her toss, which makes her wake up grumpy! Then because they are always enlarged, she gets a stuffy nose and cough all the time. SSSSOOOO, on December 26th, she is having her tonsils and adnoids removed. We hope and pray this will solve a lot of her problems and she will be able to be healthy!

Just one picture today. As I said we are in Billings. Last night we watched a movie and when the movie had ended and the music was playing, Hannah, Halee and Gramma all did some dancing! (I'm not sure why the picture is blurry, but . . . you can tell what is going on!)


Sydni said...

Oh, how I hope this makes her feel WAY better! I'm so glad you have finally an answer and possible SOLUTION. She'll feel way better with better sleep too! Great for lots of reasons.

JeremyNSunny said...

Wow, surgery! I think that's good news, even though it'll be a time of discomfort. Seems like awesome timing, though, the day after Christmas! I'm excited to hear the changes that will appear due to her getting more sleep, possibly even her being able to control her emotions better and not cry so much at school...? Maybe!