Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sorry it has been so long since I've written. Things seem to have been crazy the last week or so. I think it mostly started with a charter that I did over the weekend. I took a bus load of kids to Billings to a youth rally thing for their church. I left Friday afternoon and got some Sunday morning at 2 am. Also, last Friday was Grandparents Day at Hannah's school. So , Mike and Peggy came over on Thursday for that. They took Hannah home with them. Then she got to ride the bus home with me. Anyway, here are some highlights of this week!

Here is a project that Halee did at school this week. The turkey is her hand print. They painted each finger a color and she stamped it on the paper (that is how she explained it to me!).

Last night was bath night. They wanted to take a bath my tub so that they could have bubbles. In the past when I turned the bubbles on, Halee jumped out of the tub. Last night they both had a good time!

Today at school, Hannah had a little Thankgiving program. She was to dress as a pilgrim. They made the hat and necklace at school.

Here she is singing her songs. They do sign language to most songs that they learn and that is why her hand is up!

This is just a picture of her class as they sing.

Here is a picture of just the girls in her class.

And for the videos. Here are a few of the songs they sang.

Here are a few of the projects that Hannah brought home today. The pumpkin is made of circles. They folded them in half, cut a slit and then put them on another circle. She was telling me about the turkey the other day. When they were making the feathers, they decided they looked like tear drops. She said they would hold them by their eyes! The other is a pilgrim girl made out of a paper plate.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Sydni said...

Great songs and I thought the bubble story with Halee jumping out of the tub was pretty funny.