Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween 2007

I've been slowly unpacking the boxes to my office now that the cabinets are hung. Tuesday evening, the girls turned some boxes into their dog houses. Here is Halee. . .

And here is Hannah . . .

Tuesday was also a "harvest party" for Halee's class. We signed up to bring a treat. Here is what we made. 2 Ritz crackers with frosting spread on them. Put 8 pretzel legs on one side and put together. Dip in Chocolate almond bark and add candy corn eyes. (The original recipe says to use peanut butter, which I think taste better, but Halee's school is peanut free so we used chocolate frosting.)
Here are all the princesses in Halee's class. There are 12 kids and all are girls but 1 boy (he is the cell phone).
Here is our pumpkin this year. Hannah would draw on paper what she wanted and Ed would try and copy it. It is a girl pumpkin with hair and earrings. Ed did get it to look pretty much like Hannah wanted it.

And . . . (drum roll) . . . the costumes this year.
Halee wanted to be a princess. I had already made this dress a few years ago when Hannah was a princess. We added some new accessories and . . .
Hannah is a cheerleader. She wouldn't stand still, so you get the true Hannah!

Happy Halloween!

Also on Wednesday, Hannah had a little "play" at school. I forgot my camera, but wanted to tell you about it. It was called "God's Creation". They each were assigned a day and held up items to show what God made that day. Hannah was a day 3 girl and held up a watering can with flowers. They had a little saying for each day and a memory verse - Genesis 1:1. They did sign language to the memory verse and sand 2 songs with sign language.


Ray Churchman said...

You and Ed take such good care of the girls, I am impressed. What are the bozeman High colors and mascot?

Sydni said...

Very good costumes. "All of the princesses" ... very cute and funny.

And great pumpkin! It totally looks like a girl to me.

The play sounds really good as well.