Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here are the highligts of this week:

Tuesday morning, Hannah and I put this pumpkin together - Mrs. Pumpkin Head.

Tuesday evening, the girls did some painting. Nana sent some paint and foam things for Halloween.

Nana also sent these decorations which we hung up today.

They also did some more painting today with the supplies Nana sent.

This is Halee's picture.

This is Hannah's picture.

We spent all day at home today. I was the only one to go somewhere and it was to the recycling bins. At one point in the day, I went upstairs to this! It also got all cleaned up.

Ed got a lot of things crossed of his "to do" list today. It was quite exciting for me to see these things get done!

The first thing was to move the controller for the bath tub. When the plumber installed it, it was on the side of the tub (where there patch is on the left). It was very hard to use. You had to sit on the floor, and bend way over. Then if you wanted to change the setting while in the tub, you had to stand up and bend over to the floor. Well, this will be much better. Now we can patch the big hole the plumber cut to install the drain pipe too. There were several other holes around the house that got fixed too.

I had bought this light fixture a long time ago. It got put in the closet and forgot about. Today it got hung up. This is in the entry way.

The best part of the day was my office cabinets. We purchased them very soon after we moved in. The delivery men piled them in the room (still in boxes and that is why I had to go to the recycle bins) and they have been there every since, until today. Ed got them all hung. The next part will be to build the countertop. Ed is going to do that too because it costs WAY too much to purchase it! But for now, I can unpack more boxes that have been packed for 18 months. I can find all my stuff again!

This is the craft side.

This will be the office side - computer desk.

And Ed did all this stuff without any trips to Home Depot! That's worth writing in the record books.


JeremyNSunny said...

Whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo-whoo!!!!! Getting stuff done around the house feels SO GOOD! I'm really happy for you guys to have things coming together so well. It's fun to see the progress, as time goes by. Ssssssso, it begs the question, where are you currently doing your computer work?