Monday, October 8, 2007

Mon, Oct. 8

Well, here are the pantry shelves. He's actually not done as he is going to put some shelves that angle down for cans. (The kind that rolls the cans to the front.) But for today, this is much improved. I wished I would have taken a before and then the after pictures. Before I had taken some scrap wood from the neighbor's house and put it on some paint cans and made 2 shelves that way. All this food was piled in there on those 2 shelves and the floor! So, you can see how relieved I am to be able to see what I have!

You are probably saying that I have enough food to open a grocery store! Well, not quite and I am low on a few things. I try to buy only the things that are on sale. When they are on sale, I buy a large quantity. I do most of my cooking from what is in my pantry. Alberston's is having a great sale this week and I will fill these shelves up more after I go shopping tomorrow! Plus, I have several boxes in the storage room to unpack yet. I just didn't have the room for the extra stuff until now.
I also got 2 doors completely stained and polyurethaned this weekend. Here is what the pantry door looks like. It looks very different from the unstained door we have been living with for 6 months (yes, we have lived here for 6 months now!) I was quite excited to get these 2 doors done until I counted how many more I have to do - 20! I have 2 more started and 18 more to go. Wanna come help?

Also on Saturday, I took the girls swimming for fun. They've been in swim lessons for a while and we have some free family passes. So, . . .

This is Halee.

This is Hannah.

It was a productive weekend, I feel. Now, I'm tired and we are off to bed early today!


JeremyNSunny said...

20 doors to do??! Uggh. lol Good thing Jeremy and I aren't the ones who built a house. I tell you right now: it would never get done. It's just not something we're interested in doing. Isn't it funny how different people can be from one another?! :)

Ray Churchman said...

good for you