Monday, October 22, 2007

Golden Gate Bridge

Because Ed's uncle is an iron worker on the Golden Gate Bridge, we were able to take a tour of one of the towers. Only employees are allowed to take 2 tours a year in the tower. They are only able to take 2 visitors with them. So, it is a great priviledge for us to do this. So, I will try my best to share "the view" with you.

We took this picture from the Highlands. I wanted to put it on here to show you which tower we went up. We went up the south tower, which is the tower on the right.

This is the enterance to the tower.

This is the elevator that takes you to the top. It is VERY small for 3 people. Ed and I each stood facing the corner and Woody stood with his head against the wall. It's about a 4 1/2 minute ride to the top.

When you get out of the elevator, you have to climb 2 ladders. Then you open this hatch and you are on the top!Here we are standing on the top of the tower. The towers have three "rungs" and we are on the top one.

I have a small fear of heights and felt most comfortable staying on "solid" ground. Ed and Woody, however, felt that the metal grate going around the tower was safe and went wondering around to the outside. So, this is a picture of Ed beside the left tower with the north tower in view.

And this is the right side of the tower.

And this is me on "solid" ground.

Here is a view of what the roadway on the bridge looks like from the top. This is facing towards the city.
Oh, and the girls. They were not allowed to go in the tower - you have to be 16. But they tried on the hard hats. They are much cuter in them than me, don't you think!

So the girls hung out with Aunt Cheryl on dry land. They spent some time shopping (Aunt Cheryl bought them a souvunier) and they watched the boats. They also were watching us. Cheryl called Woody on the phone and he took this picture. It is probably too hard for you to see in this small picture, but the Cheryl and the girls are sitting on the bench to the far left.

I'm sure if Ed was writing this blog, he would add all the details of the structure. So, if you want that info, you'll have to email him. It was a great time and great views! Thanks, Woody!


Sydni said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing this because I don't know anyone who works on the bridge and so this is probably my only chance at a "virtual tour"! I liked the view from the top and also the girls in the hats. :)