Sunday, September 30, 2007

The weekend, Sept. 30

As I stated earlier, there was a church lectureship this weekend. Ed did attend all of it. I, however, only made it to one lesson. I was going to go Saturday morning, but Hannah has slept until 8:00. So by the time she got up and such, it was really too late to be there by 8:30. Plus it was raining outside. It was just a good day to stay at home. We just hung out for a while and then we cleaned their bedrooms and playroom. During nap time Hannah and I made some cookies. I got dinner made (hamburger soup) and then we went to hear a lesson on having a positive attitude. After the lesson, we went over to visit Mallory, Adam, Kailen and Riley for a while. We went home, had our dinner, and then the girls and I were off to the hospital to see the new baby, Ayden Gage.

Today we went to church services. After rest time, we had a school project to work on. Hannah brought home this knobby potato and she had to make it anything she wanted to. At first she said that it looked like a frog, but when the actual time came to work on it, she decided on an airplane. She started painting it and dad started on the control tower. I think everyone involved had a good time. I also gave Halee a potato to paint and her was a helicopter. My job was to get all the supplies and wash the paint brushes out. I think we all had fun. It was a great family project!

First they had to give the potato a bath.

Then they started painting their potato.

Dad started in on making the control tower while Hannah painted the grass.

Dad and the control tower.

Then, of course, the control tower had to be painted.

Lastly, she made flowers on the grass.

Dad also made a propellor for Halee's helicopter.

While we were working on the project, we were listening to the Eagles. Halee decided to take a break and dance a bit. So, I've tried downloading the video for you to watch. Hope it works out okay!

Ed also worked on getting the garage organized. This is really the first time he's worked on it since we've moved in. That was our weekend!


JeremyNSunny said...

Video: awesome!! How cute! Family project: GREAT! This is the stuff of life!