Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday, Sept. 28

This week has flown by. I'm definately ready for things to settle down and for us to get into a routine. That may never happen, but I can wish . . .

Most of my week has been helping out Gage and Jenny. She has had some recent complications in her pregancy (super high blood pressure) which pretty much put her on bed rest. So, I've completely cleaned their condo (with Tisha's help) that they moved out of several weeks ago. The rest of the week was spent with her on the phone after various dr appt and such. Then today it was decided that she needed to spend the night in the hospital to get her ready to be induced tomorrow. So I ran some errands for her and then ended up taking her to the hospital tonight. Tomorrow, there will be a new baby!

Hannah's week at school has been better. She had gotten off the bus every day happy. Today she was a bit apprehensive because Tammy was not there to meet her. But she did walk all the way to the door by herself (Tammy did come out and follow her). She was a bit sad today, her teacher said, but no crying. So, things have been looking up and we'll just see how things continue to progress.

I noticed that I haven't said much about Halee lately. She just generally follows Hannah around and does what Hannah tells her to do. So it is interesting when Hannah is not around. Today she got out her computer (leap pad) and did that for a while. She's still a bit young for it, so she doesn't stick with it for too long. For lunch today she wanted a pancake. She was sitting on the counter helping me cook it. I had taken the pancake out of the pan and was getting it ready to eat and Halee decided to touch the pan. So all afternoon we had to deal with her burned fingers. She held an ice pack and that seemed to work well. Tonight she has mostly forgotten about it.

This weekend is a big church lecturship that Ed is attending. I will try and attend a class or two, but it will depend on how much the girls are up for it. Plus I'll visit Darci who is caring for Jenny's kids and help her out. And we'll have to visit Jenny and the new baby! So, Monday will be here soon!


JeremyNSunny said...

WOW, Loree, what a week it's been for you guys and Gage and Jenny!! Sheesh. Well, good-on-you for helping them out. What comes around goes around and I know they're thankful for your help. Meanwhile, it's blessings for everyone. I'm a little worried about Jenny's health; need I be? When was her due date??

Thanks for posting! I'm always interested! ;)