Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tues, Sept 25

Yesterday Hannah had a great day at school. She got off the bus without crying. When she met Tammy (Tammy works at the daycare and she meets Hannah at the bus and takes her into school for me) she started skipping to the daycare to get Alex (who goes to the daycare and is also in her kindergarten class). Tammy took her into school, read her a story and was off. So I guess all that crying part was her just getting used to change. Whew!

Last night when we got home and had dinner, Hannah wanted to go to the park. I told them to just play in the sand box as I needed to do some staining on the porch (time is starting to run out!). They were okay with that idea and got to playing. Well, the previous day or two it had been rainy. Plus it is fall here in Montana. So that made for some cold wet sand. After a few minutes, Hannah decided they needed some gloves. This is what they came outside looking like.

This morning Halee was at school. I was in the office paying bills and such. Hannah wanted to play a game. We have this bible called "The Princess Devotional Bible." Several weeks ago we read the story about how the lady didn't have enough oil and Elisha told her to get as many jars as she could and start pouring oil until all the jars were full. In this Bible, they wrote a play to illustrate the story and had us get jars (cups) and a pitcher of water and act it out. So we did. Well, that is the game Hannah wanted to play this morning. Okay. Water and cups is easily cleaned up. I would check on her now and again and things seemed to be going okay. Then she wanted to "make" something and asked if she could have a couple of scoops of flour. Okay, a couple would be fine. That went good. Then she wanted a couple of scoops of sugar. Can you see where this is going? A couple of scoops turned into the rest of the container which turned into sugar water all over the dining room. That wasn't okay! So she tried to get that cleaned up, but it just wasnt' working out for her. Mom helped and got it cleaned up. We both learned valuable lessons today. I don't think that will happen again!


Ray Churchman said...

What great girls, imagination,looks, and personality