Saturday, September 8, 2007


This has been an exciting week. And interesting! The ladies retreat was at Bible camp this weekend. I was able to go after I got everything arranged for my kids, which did end up changing Thurs evening. I drove my bus route Fri am and dropped Hannah off at school. That was a new experience for both of us. However, she was able to walk by herself and made it in. I did ask the ELC to step out and watch her to be sure she makes it. Tammy was there and walked her on in. WHEW! I'm thankful for a watchful pair of eyes when I am not able to be sure she gets there. Then Halee went to Saylor's house to play. Ed took off work early to pick them both up. McDonald's was the dinner choice of the evening, then off to their next destination. Hannah went to Denali's to play and for a sleep over. However, at sleeping time she got homesick and Ed went to pick her up. Halee was off to Neveah's for a sleepover and Ed went to his bible class. Dan picked Hannah up this morning and brought her with him to camp. She hung out with them until the retreat was over and came home with me. The exciting news for me is that I was able to hook the camper up all by myself! I dumped the tanks and everything. AND, I pulled it home safely without running anything over or off the road. AND, unhooked it. (I did not back it into the driveway. I'm not quite ready for that! So, when Ed gets home . . . ) So now we are all home and the girls are napping.

The retreat was good. Cassandra Martin was the speaker and she is EXCELLENT! She has a way off reading the scriptures and picking out points that you just run past and making them stand out. It's amazing. I learned a lot. AND got 6 pages scrapbooked. Oh, that was exciting.

Oh, since the camper is back, I will be able to get some pictures out. So, be on the lookout!