Sunday, January 27, 2008

School Work

This past week nothing really noteworthy happened. However, the girls had some schoolwork I thought you might want to enjoy. This is a penguin that Halee made at school several weeks ago. She is quite proud of it!
Here is another project Halee did at school. Her teachers made their names in dots and they were supposed to connect the dots to write their names. Halee has been interested in writing her name recently and we've been working on it. She sometimes gets confused with how to make the e's. You can see here she had some trouble also. She is only 3 and that is a tough skill! I think she's doing great. After they wrote their names, they dipped marbles in paint and rolled them around on their paper.

Friday was report card day. Here is Hannah's second quarter report card. I'm proud of her. She got S and S+ marks on most things. She got developing in indentifies sight words, reads simple words, recites grammer rules correctly, knows basic math facts and understands math concepts (I'm not sure I agree with this one as she is adding tons of stuff at home and writes math facts all the time, but . . . ). The comment her teacher wrote is, "Hannah is a very fun, imaginative student and is progressing well in school!" Nice comment and report card for a teacher in the beginning thought she could never make it!

Just a couple of funny comments: Halee has been into singing songs lately. Here are some of the words she sings - She's been singing Away in a Manger since Christmas. She kind of got confused on the words and would sing "The little lord Jesus on the telephone." She has also being singing the Fruit of the Spirit. She can' remember all of them so would sing, "Love, joy peace, love something control." We've been working to correct these but were funny in the beginning!