Sunday, February 3, 2008

Week of January 28th in Review

Here is the week in review in pictures! It's a long one!

On Monday evening I dug out my lettermans jacket. Our church is having a "Days to Remember" funtion and they are wanting memorabilia to decorate with. This is my contribution! The girls were quite fascinated with it and wanted to try it on. Here is Halee.

Also on Monday Hannah brought home a book to read. This is a book she is to read to us. She was quite thrilled by being able to read her own book. She was supposed to read it 3 times and take it back to school. I think she read it about 6 or 7 times. She got a new one on Wednesday and another on Friday (which we haven't read yet because we were out of town this weekend and it still in her dad's truck which is at the bus barn!)

When I started filming Hannah reading, she was being silly. She can do much better than this, but thought you would enjoy it anyway!

Halee wanted her picture taken too!

On Wednesday morning, Jenny had some errand she needed to run. I offered to babysit and she even left Aydan with me! Here is Halee and Aydan.

Halee and Mallory are pretty good about letting Adam be a part of what they are playing. He doesn't really play with them, but is around them. They had fun playing "teacher" for a long time. One person (Halee or Mallory) would talk in the microphone and tell them what to do. The other person would dance or stop or whatever they were told. Then they switched off. In this picture, Mallory is the teacher and Halee and Adam are the students.

Then of Friday we went to Fairmont Hot Springs. Ed's company had a meeting there and then the family could join them for the weekend at a discounted rate. So off we went. Tisha and I carpooled together since Dan and Ed were already there. After a CRAZY bus route we finally got out of town around 4:45 (we were hoping for closer to 4:00). As soon as we arrived the girls put on their swimming suits and went swimming. We had plenty of time because we all had dinner together (whoever in the company stayed over were invited) and our reservation was at 8:00 pm. So about an hour was spent swimming and then we were off. We got back to the hotel at 10:30 or so and directly to bed (2 VERY tired children!)

This is Hannah.

And here is Halee.

Then on Saturday we headed for Discovery Ski Area. This is the first time this year we have gone skiing. It was an adventure! Last year we put Hannah is ski lesson and she had a tough time. Finally on the last day, and after Ed worked with her most of the afternoon, she went down the hill by herself. So this year I wanted her to go skiing before ski lessons to be more comfortable with it. Well, in the morning she was very scared and had a hard time. But in the afternoon, Ed worked with her some more and she was going down the hill by herself!!! Then I was able to make a few runs with her. So HOPEFULLY went ski lessons start in 3 weeks (we probably won't be able to go skiing again until then) she will be comfortable and lessons more beneficial!
Here is Ed and Hannah on chair lift.

Here she is skiing all by herself! YEAH HANNAH!

We also put Halee on skiis. However since I was mostly with Halee and Ed was mostly with Hannah I never got a picture of her. She did better this year. Last year she would just be limp and we would have to hold her all the way down the hill. She tried doing that this year, but I made her stand up. If she limped out on me, I would let go and she would have to stand up. That's about as far as it got. Since we didn't get to bed until almost 11:00 pm, she was extremely tired.

By 2:15 or so us girls were done skiing. So we went into the lodge for some hot cocoa. Ed and Dan went up to the top (as Ed hadn't been able to really ski yet) and Tisha and I packed the kids up to go back to the hotel. Well we had to wait on Blaise and Rylan who wanted to do 2 more runs. The girls all did really well playing games at the table. They played the quiet game and then started making silly faces to get the other person to laugh. Here is Denali but by the time the camera snapped her silly face was over!

Here is Halee's!

And Hannah's!

Finally by 3:30 we were loaded up and ready to go. It was a full car! In the way back was Denali, Briley and Hannah.

Then Halee, Rylan and Blaise in the middle (Rylan and Blaise are Tisha's nephews on the Stahly side. They didn't want to stay and wait for their parents so they went home with us.)

When we got back to the hotel room and after a little quiet time, we went back to the pool. They have this huge water slide (I think it is 350 feet or something like that) and we went on that for a couple of hours. However we were having so much fun, I didn't stop to take a picture (plus it is outside and after being wet, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in the cold to take a picture!) It was a fun weekend, but we are all exhausted now! (In fact all of my family is taking a nap right now - what am I doing blogging?????)


Sydni said...

I expected Fairmont pics! The skiing looks really fun and what a cute book Hannah read.