Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

Nothing too noteworthy happened this week in our household. Here are the highlights.

On Tuesday, Hannah made this mask. The only thing I did was cut the holes and put the string on. Everything else was her idea. Then she gave it to a friend at church.

Today Gramma and Poppa came. They got to stay home while I drove the bus. Great excitement for all! Halee wouldn't even take a nap she was so excited. (You'll see that excitement in the next picture.) Anyway, Gramma and Poppa brought them a surprise that they got to open after dinner. The surprise included 2 projects each. Right away they had to work on one project. Dad had to help as I was doing the dishes.

When I got home this afternoon, Halee was wearing this nametag. Ed went to a seminar today and had to wear this name tag. I wasn't home when he got home, but I'm guessing that Halee wondered what it was. So, Ed made one for her. I asked her if I could take her picture as she wouldn't take the name tag off. This is what she looked like all evening. (Plus she didn't get a nap and was exhausted and in bed at 7:00 - bath and all!)

And here is what the name tag said - Halee Wilson "Klutz" Extraordinaire. Completely describes her!
We will enjoy a day of skiing tomorrow. I'll try and take my camera and get some pictures!


JeremyNSunny said...

Had to LOL at Haley's zombie look!! So she's your resident klutz?? Sad to say that in our house it's ... me! Argh! Do I have to remind you to treasure your kids' time with their grandparents? :**(