Thursday, February 7, 2008

Here are some more projects done at school. These 2 snowman Hannah made at school.

Halee made this owl at school. It was a following directions activity.
Tuesday evening, Ed went to help Gage work on the house. So we had some game time. Here is Halee playing her version of connect 4. She puts one in and I put one it until we've put them all in. She releases them and we start over!

For Hannah's birthday she got the Jumpstart World Kindergarten computer game. It has taken her a while to get into it (because in the beginning our computers were too old for the game), but she has now and asks at any free moment to play. I think she is about to complete the first level and move to the second level. There are 12 levels in all.


Sydni said...

Halee's version of Connect Four made me laugh. How CUTE! I liked on one of the projects how it said, "Jesus loves you snow much." Pretty clever!

AND, that computer game looks GREAT! I don't blame her for wanting to play... I like the computer quite a lot too.

JeremyNSunny said...

OHMYGOODNESS, Halee and Justus know the same version of Connect Four!! Now ... how do you think that's possible!! :) I've greatly enjoyed your last blogs with all the pictures and videos!! Thanks for the pics reminding me how much I HATED skiing.... eeuff. lol And, how fun it is to actually see Aydan for the first time! Awesome! See all the great things that come from blogging?? lol ;)