Friday, February 22, 2008


(This may be a boring post if your not into scrapbooking or paper crafting. However, I found it pretty neat and wanted to share!!!)

Two Christmas' ago, I received this Sizzix machine (a die cut machine) as a gift. I have wanted to use it, but have just never gotten it out. Well, I decided today was the day! I'm so glad that I got it out. Now, I have it sitting on the counter and all the parts in one place that I can use it as needed!

Here are all the die cuts I have thus far. The yellow ones on the left are the alphabet ones I used today. There are many, many more I could get! This is a start.

This is what they look like on the bottom (the cutting side).

You put your piece of paper over the letter you want.

Then turn in over and put on machine.

Then slide it in a cut it by pushing the handle down.

This is what you get!

This is the project I was doing. Basically it is self made letter you can use for anything. The main idea is scrapbooking, but . . . the options are limitless!


Sydni said...

Oooh! Very cute! Thank you for the lesson. :)

JeremyNSunny said...

This is like Elaine's Cuttlebug, which we are enjoying greatly! However, the Cuttlebug isn't quite as cool as your machine, I think. I'm happy that you are finally in a situation where you can USE IT!! Awesome!