Sunday, March 2, 2008


Why I love Hannah
She's very creative. She loves to craft anything. She makes up all kinds of stories, situations, songs. She likes to build things, draw things, write things, etc.

Hannah made this sledding dude at school.

Learning to sew with Gramma

She loves to play with Halee. She and Halee play together most of the time when they are at home. She misses Halee on the days that Halee is in school.

She loves to sing, play music and listen to music. She has her own MP3 player and a stereo in her room. She will sing songs all the time in the car or while she draws or whenever one comes to mind.

Hannah singing Faithful Love

She's friendly to others. I've noticed that she doesn't have a "best" friend that she plays with all the time. She plays well with boys and girls at school and at church. She just likes to be around people.

She's a people watcher. Any time we go anywhere, so is always interested in everything around her!

She's a "go-getter." She is the youngest in her class and does fine with that. Lately she has been telling me how most people in her class are turning 6. It was special that she actually starting kindergarten when she was 4. She works hard at anything she wants to do and succeeds.

The newest thing is that Hannah is a skier! We have been to 2 ski lessons this year and have 3 more to go. Saturday we took her up 2 mid-mountain lifts and she skied down all on her own and had fun and wanted to go more!
That is Hannah skiing the cones with Gramma right behind her.
She is very silly. She will do anything to get a laugh out of you. She likes to laugh and make people laugh.

Hannah is responsible, loving and I am pleased to call her my daughter!


Sydni said...

Oh... I love Hannah too. What great singing too!

Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

How precious. They just grow up too fast! She has a great mom too!

JeremyNSunny said...

Oh, how funny that Sydni commented on Hannah's voice. I was actually going to mention that both Hannah and Haley can hold a tune really well! That's exciting; it's fun to see Hannah's progress and the interesting things coming out of her brain! LOL

MM ... wow, it's equally wonderful to see that Jenny felt good enough today to view your blog and comment on it. Praise God....