Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I know it has almost been a week since I last wrote. There are several reasons but the most is that nothing real substantial has happened! So, I will update you on our lives.

Hannah is doing well with her recovery. Today I have only given her 1 dose of her hydrocodone. I'm not sure if that was good now that it is the end of the day! I asked her several times if her throat hurt and it didn't so I told her to tell me when it did. It seemed to hurt at meal time. I think I'll give her some (either that or ibuprofen) before meals. She has been pretty active, mostly back to her normal self. Today she and Halee mostly watched movies all day and she stayed in her jammies. It was good for them to do that!

Halee is finally getting better, I think. Thursday I took her into the dr because she had run a fever for 3 days and Wednesday it spiked pretty high. She had all the signs of strep, but the test came back negative. He gave me an anitbiotic anyway because her lymph nodes were swollen. Her fever finally broke on Friday. Saturday was a pretty good day, but Sunday and Monday were not. She slept a lot the last 2 days and I think today is finally feeling better. She wasn't whiney and wanted to play.

Ed also came home with a sore throat and a cough. He took a long nap on Sunday and felt much better Monday. I've been taking echinacea to ward all this off. I can feel a little sore throat, but hopefully it'll pass.

So I say all of that to say I think we are going to make it! School starts on Thursday and we'll be back at it all again. We will probably lay low again tomorrow and hope for the best!

Today was another productive day of working on the house. Yesterday I decided that it needed a good cleaning and spent an hour and a half cleaning the whole kitchen - cabinets and all. I was tired after that and quit knowing I needed to do the bathrooms and floors. So today, I scrubbed all the bathrooms and mopped and vacuumed. Since the kitchen was clean yesterday we decided to get the caulking around the countertops done. That lead to the spot on the half wall behind the sink that we didn't know what to do with. We had an extra board left over from the office cabinets, cut it in strips and put it there. Today Ed hung all the door trim on the main level and attached all the window sills. That just means that I need to get working on staining the doors again. I'll try and start tomorrow (only 3 left downstairs except for closet doors).
Because of everyone's illness we decided to just stay home last night. We were all in bed by 10:00! Today was just another day (as stated earlier).

Happy New Year!


Sydni said...

At least the sicknesses hit while everyone was kind of home...

Your kitchen looks so nice!