Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Fun

We had quite the weekend! It started with a first ever sleepover. Hannah has been wanting a sleepover for quite some time. For her birthday (Sept. 19th) I told her she could invite a friend over. We happened to all get the flu at that time, so that was cancelled. We finally got together this weekend. We picked Denali up about 5:30 and headed for McDonald's. Ed met us there and the girls had a great time. We came home and they played until 8:00. Halee went to bed, but I let them stay up and watch a movie. Lights were out at 9:15 and by 10:00 all were asleep.

They woke up early (6:00) and were ready to start again. We took her home about 9:30 and headed to a birthday party at the Children's Museum. After a trip to Costco, it was home and naps for everyone! Then that evening we went to the movie. This was the first time all 4 of us went to the movie together. (Halee has a hard time sitting thru it still.) We watched the Veggie Tale movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. It was a good movie with christian undertones.

Sunday morning it snowed. On the way to the church building I mentioned that maybe we should go sledding. Then while we were there, Tisha said the same thing. So, we met at Snowfill. (Halee wasn't able to go because she was still napping - almost 3 hours!) Hannah was very timid at first and wouldn't go down by herself. Here she is with Denali.

It is a long sledding hill and tons of fun! However, when you go down, you have to come up!

Finally I got Hannah into the sled by herself. She was still a bit scared to go down, but I just pushed her off and let her go. The next hour was spent with her going down the hill by herself! She loved it!

We ended this eventful weekend with our small group and a birthday party. It was someone's birthday (Steve) and Tisha made a birthday cake to celebrate. Wow! What a weekend!


Sydni said...

Great pictures of a great weekend... in BOZEMAN!

Sydni said...

HEY! I just saw that you left me a comment so I thought you'd made a new post... got my hopes all up and everything.


Have you known that song for a long time? What other kid songs do you need to teach us?