Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week of January 14th

We had a very busy week. Mondays are always busy because I have scheduled all extra-curicullar activites on that day. I did that on purpose because then I would know everything is on Monday and I don't have to remember which day which thing is on! However, it makes for a very busy day! We start out with our bus driving and Hannah goes to school. At 11:30 Halee has gymnastics. At 12:30, Halee and I go to the bus office to work for 2 hours. Halee takes a nap on the floor while I enter in the payroll. We leave the bus barn at 2:45 to pick up Hannah and then do our bus route. At 5:00 Hannah has ballet. At 7:00 the college kids come over for Bible study. They leave and we crash in bed!

On Tuesday, Hannah and I went to Old Navy. I always go there in January and July because you can get everything at least 70% off. I buy a size bigger and save it for next year. One of the things we got were scarves. They girls have been wanting one. Halee wears hers all the time, around the house, in the snow, wherever!

At school on Tuesday, Halee made this lion mask. She is saying Roar when I took this picture!

On Thursday evening I went to the church building for ladies Bible study. While I was gone, Ed helped the girls make a fort. That has been the highlight of the weekend. On Friday when we got home they wanted to make it again. Then this morning (Sat) they made it again! They always want Ed to scare them. Here they are in the fort.

It started snowing on Thursday and it hasn't stopped! I think it may be done now, but we got a dumping - maybe 10 inches! Hannah wanted to build a snow castle. Ed helps by shoveling snow around it and Hannah packs it down. Hannah stayed outside today for over 2 hours playing in the snow. They got the sleds out and sledded down the snow pile on the other side of the garage. The lot next to us is still empty. Therefore, they haven't filled it up with dirt. So, it is a good little incline for a short little ride. She had fun and that's what matters!


Sydni said...

Wow! Your Mondays sound SO BUSY, but good. How totally cute that Halee has been wearing her scarf in the house. Great sales are the best! Lots of snow, eh? My, my.