Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Satuarday Hannah spent a lot of time outside. First, she and her dad built this snow castle.

Then she wanted to go sledding. Ed didn't want to go to the sled hill, so he made one at our house. As stated in the last blog, our lot is a bit higher than the lot beside us. That is because when you build a house, you have to raise up the lot. The lot next to us is still empty, so we have a slight incline. So here they are sledding. Hannah did it for a while in the morning. Then in the afternoon, Halee joined her.

This is Halee.

Halee sledding movie!

Here is Hannah being silly.

Of course, Saturday night is bath night. The girls have been enjoying taking a bath in our bathtub. It is an "air tub" in which you can turn on the jets and lots of bubbles come out. Ed decided to add some bubble bath to the tub. Well, he must have overdone it because within a minute, the tub was overflowing with bubbles. They loved it. The second picture they are being santas and saying, "ho, ho, ho."

Monday nights we have the college age kids come over to our home for a Bible study. We always feed them something afterward. Here they are enjoying some taco salad and crazy conversation!

Today was Halee's school day. They are learning the letter "m" and everything they did today started with m. One thing they did was this following directions activity where Miss Sandie drew this monkey on the board one step at a time and they had to copy it on their paper. Here is how Halee's turned out.

Yesterday and today has brought frigid temperatures our way. I think the high yesterday was 3 below zero. Last night when the college kids left our home thermometer said -12 and that was under the porch. When we got up today it was -2 and now it is 11 - a heat wave! Want to come for a visit???


Sydni said...

What a perfect little sledding hill!

I especially enjoyed the video!

It's January NOW.

Thanks for taking care of the college church people week after week! Earning more jewels in your crown for heaven. :)