Thursday, May 22, 2008


Hannah's week started off with a pet parade at school. Every one in Kindergarten thru 2nd grade was to bring their favorite pet. Being we have no "live" pets, Hannah took a stuffed pet. She was very concerned to dress it up so that it would look funny. Well, she did! And then she won the "favorite stuffed animal" award.

Wednesday was graduation day. Her class sang 2 songs . . .

Then they got their diploma.

After all that was over, we went back to the classroom and they put on a little puppet show for us. My camera batteries died, so I didn't get all of it. However, they had a little poem they said about praying.

They each had a puppet or two that had a letter on it and told how they could pray at a play that started with that letter. Hannah had the "F" puppet and said she could pray at the farm.

Here is Hannah and Mrs. King on the last day of school! (Actually the last day is Friday, but it is field day - even though it has been raining here for 2 days and is supposed to rain all weekend.)

Wednesday evening, at church, was the pioneer club closing program. One of the subjects we studied this year was the Fruit of the Spirit. We did sing that song and I do have it recorded, but it seems that it is too big to blog! Each of the children had a memory verse about each fruit. Hannah's was on joy - Come and sing with joy to the Lord and shout. Psalm 95:1.

Another thing we worked on this year was the books of the New Testament.

That concludes 2 of Hannah's programs for the year. Friday is field day as mentioned before and she has a ballet show on June 4th. Stay tuned . . .


Sydni said...

Yay for Hannah!!! Happy Summer!

JeremyNSunny said...

How wonderful, everything in this post about Hannah's accomplishments in the last few months! THANK YOU for posting all this stuff that I'm missing out on!!