Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Good and the Bad

We had an interesting week. Lots of excitement!

This is Halee with her pencils and paper in her pockets. It has been a while since she has worn overalls. Last Sunday I pulled these out for her to wear. She wanted to know what went in those pockets. I told her pencils and paper. As soon as she got up from her nap, she went and found 3 pencils and a piece of paper to put in her pockets. She kept them there for the rest of the day.
Hannah has been learning how to play frisbee in school PE class. On Sunday she wanted to play frisbee. We have had frisbees laying around here and never played until now. Then the ones we had weren't the right ones, so Ed and Hannah went to Walmart to buy a new one. They can back with this gigantic one. We had fun playing frisbee this week when the wind was not blowing.

Here is the bad news! Earlier in the week Ed decided that he would get his truck an alignment. While that was getting done the tire people found out that the ball joints were bad. That led to a new hub because of something to do with the old ball joints were cross threaded into the hub. We didn't expect that bill! Then somehow I squished my wedding ring. It actually cracked this time. So, I have to get that repaired. Then on Friday I was vacuuming and I smelt a burning smell and then the vacuum went dead. So, I had to purchase a new vacuum. They say things always come in threes! It's a good thing we got our "economic stimulus check" this week to pay for all of this! Here is Halee trying out the new vacuum.

On Friday, Ed's parents came for the weekend. Poppa gave the girls each $5. They had to go and spend it. So off to the mall we went. Halee found this princess camera she had to have. Then the lady at the checkout said that she had this deal that she couldn't refuse - a Dora purse for $1. Halee had to have it. She has carried it around since. We even left it at the shoe store, but met some friend while we were there. They brought it back to us. Oh, how nice! Hannah decided to spend her money on a Littlest Pet Shop painting craft. I forgot to take a picture.

They had fun playing with Gramma. They set up the chairs in a bus. Gramma was the driver.

Ed has been working on building a fence. Yesterday he and his dad got the posts in and the cross bars in. Yeah! It will be nice to have it done.


Sydni said...

Sounds busy and fun! I like all the pictures.

JeremyNSunny said...

Oh, wow, that fence is exciting!! You sound like you are having good springtime fun with the girls! ;) What a blessing to have such regular, fun times with grandparents.... (sigh)