Monday, May 19, 2008


Today was a busy day at our house. Halee had to "shows" to perfom in. First it was her last gymnastics. They always put on a show of the things they have been working on this year. They also receive a metal. She was quite silly for all the pictures! So, here you see the "real Halee."

The following movies are of her doing her gymanstics.

This evening was her spring program at school. The first movie is 5 little ducks. The second movie (and be prepared to laugh!) is the ABC's and the 3rd movie is B-I-B-L-E.

Now we are all tired and heading to bed!


Sydni said...

Great shows, Halee!

JeremyNSunny said...

I DID laugh!! HeeHee!! Wow, what a riot, preschool presentations. Shooeee! ;) Thanks for sharing it with us!