Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friends Visiting

This past week our friends from Utah came for a visit. It was very good to be able to hang out with them. It had been at least 18 months since we had last seen them. They are "homeschoolers" and everyday had to do some school work. Here they are pow wowing in the living room.
Halee and Holly got along real well. They would just go upstairs and play all by themselves and be very content.

As you can see, she has 2 boys. They are quite different from girls and NEED to go outside and play every day. They were quite excited to drive the car. Ed finally found the battery charger and they were able to drive, even in the rain.

We went on a little hike by the fish hatchery. There are a couple of short little trails out there.

Boys will be boys! This is Cameron.

We went inside to see what we could do at the fish hatchery. They gave us some fish food to feed the fish in this pond. That was fun!

They left on Friday. Hannah had a field trip to the fire station that I drove the bus for. The kids were quite excited to ride the bus! Here is Halee on the rocks outside of the fire station.

This is Hannah's class. When we got there, the firemen were out on a call - a 96 year old lady was having trouble breathing. They got back about 5 minutes later. . .

and told us about the fire truck. This truck is an engine truck. They have a ladder truck also.

Then one of the men put on all his gear for the children to see. They talked about how if they were in a fire and a fire man came to rescue them, they would want to give the fireman a big hug. So they did!

After a tour of the fire house, we got back on the bus and headed back to school.

When we got home, Ed was working on the fence again. Oh, how nice!

The weather was real nice yesterday - in the 80's. The girls spent a lot of time outside. Here is the "new" way to ride on the car! But be careful because Halee is a crazy driver!


Sydni said...

What a sweet family that came to visit.

Looks like you had tons of good things to do together and the fence progress is fabulous too of course.