Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fun week

We had an exciting week. Monday was our Bible study night with the college kids. That is always an uplifting time.

Tuesday Ed fixed our CD player in our car, which has been broken for at least a year! When we were building our house last year and the weather was yucky and cold outside, we would have the girls play in the car. At some point in time, Halee decided that you put money in the CD player. It would work periodically after that for some time, then all together quit working (I'm assuming that the money would wiggle around in there until it finally got lodged over the thing that reads the CDs). So we have been without CD music for quite some time. I really didn't want to take it in to get it fixed because I knew it would cost a ton for such a minor fix. Ed decided to take it apart and find out what the problem was - a quarter! Now we have CD music again and it has played continually since then. Then after dinner that day, we went to Cold Stone for ice cream. YYYYyyyymmmmmmmm!

Thursday Hannah made some brownies. She did everything (including cracking the eggs), I just told her what to do. That evening we went to a game night with the college kids.

Friday evening we went for a bike ride - everyone! We rode about 1 1/2 miles to a park, played for a bit and rode home. This is the farthest Hannah has every ridden on her own. This summer I plan to have her learn how to ride without training wheels, so I want her to feel comfortable with them on. So every warm day, we've been out riding. She's doing really well and that time is going to come soon! Right now Halee does better just riding in the trailer. She has a hard enough time walking and watching where she is going. Bike riding is hopeless at this time!

Then the girls wanted to sleep on the floor.

Halee just came down stairs looking like this!


Sydni said...

Great. Glad the CD player is now working and good job to Hannah for the cooking!

The bike ride sounds wonderful as well.

JeremyNSunny said...

You are good about being an adventurous mom! Sometimes our chilren ask to sleep in different settings (on the couch, in a tent in the back yard, that kind of thing) but so far I've really just said, "Let's just get a good night of sleep in our own beds...." b-o-r-i-n-g. :) I have great *plans* to be more adventurous about stuff like that 'once everything's right' -- !!! LOL AS IF! :)

I had to giggle at your pic of Ed working the stereo system in the car; I have an old shot of Jeremy in a similar setting. funny. heehee