Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I decided to write a whole post just on Halee. She says and does the funniest things lately and wanted to share them with you.

In this picture she is wearing some new jammies I just made for her (Hannah has a matching pair as you can see in the background.) and a scarf her Gramma just made for her.

Some of the funny things she says:

She is always talking about when she grows up to be a mom. She will live in a pink and purple house. Today she said that her dad and his friends will build the house for her (and her dad's name is Sally and her name is Sally and everyone is named Sally). She tells me that when she is a mom and she drives a car I can sit in the front seat with her while she drives.

Recently Ed's Gramma past away. Almost every day when she prays, she prays for Grammy Cracker to go up in heaven.

She also prays, "Thank for Jenny's cancer to go away." Oh, how sweet!

She also talks a lot about her grandparents. She wants to know when they will come her or when we will go there. All of them are her favorite, but at different times. She will ask who goes with Nana. I will say Grandad and she will say, "Oh, he's my favorite. I miss him. When will we go to his house?" She'll say that Poppa is so silly.

She loves to go to school. She knows that she goes on the days that Hannah doesn't. She asks everyday if it is her school day.

One of the girls in her class at school is named Kiana. There is a girl that rides our bus whose name is Teonna. Now she calls Teonna Kiana and asks her is she will sit with her.

Speaking of sitting on the bus - she is extrememly picky who sits by her. One would think that she would be glad for anyone to sit by her. No! She throws a huge fit if someone sits by her and she doesn't want them to. I have to solve the issue by either asking that person to find a different seat or by telling her to just look out the window. Most of the time I do the latter because I want to know that she doesn't always get her way and that sometimes we just need to cope!

Lately she has been singing a lot. Here are some of the songs she likes to sing.

The Fruit of the Spirit. I guess she is nervous or something in this video!

The days of the week



Sydni said...

Oh, man! She so cute and funny! What a great age for collecting 'funnies'.