Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Update

I know this is long overdue! In order to get my teaching certificate reissued, I need to get 6 college credits. So, 6 weeks ago I started taking 2 courses online. I submitted my final project today. On Monday I begin another course which is the beginning of the masters program for me. Needless to say, any free time I have, I have spent "in school." Therefore, this takes the back burner. Since I am in between courses, I thought I would give you a brief update!

Well, blogger is not letting me move the pictures, so you get a backwards update!

Ed was out of town for a week beginning April 21st. He went to Logan, UT and picked up his friend, John, and then they went and spent 2 days touring Moab. Then they went to Durango for Workshop in the Word and then on to Craig. While he was gone, Peggy and Chloe came for a visit. We took the girls swimming. This is Hannah.

and Halee.

Chloe was able to go to school with Halee. They were singing a song for the parents - popcorn popping on the apricot tree. Halee is in the middle with purple on. Chloe is to her right.

Friday, April 24th, Hannah's school had a spring celebration. Here is Hannah and her friend Cassidy.
We spend Easter in Billings. Ed's brother's family came also. Here are the cousins.

2 dozen easter eggs to dye and 6 dye kits!

The last time all of us in Craig, we were able to spend time with some families in the church. They had 2 nerf guns that the girls enjoyed playing with. For Easter, they got their own nerf guns. Here is Hannah
Halee found that it was easier to put the gun on the ground and push down. So the balls shot straight up in the air!

One of the "mission" projects that Hannah's teacher chose to do with the kids this year was to sing for the folks in a few of the assisted living facilitites. I was able to tag along on the last trip. Here are snipettes of the 3 songs they sang.

Lastly, to give you an update on our lives. I was able to interview for a kindergarten position in Craig. I was not chosen for that position. Hopefully something else will come about. Ed has been going to Craig every 3 weekends. Starting in May he will go every other weekend. Our house has not sold. Please put that on your prayer list. Nobody has even been looking at it (we've had one showing since we put it on the market!) Other than that, life as usual!


The Willenbrecht's said...

Thanks for the update! I have been curious about what is going on with you guys.
Keeping you on our prayer list. Love ya!

Sydni said...

Well, I sure feel dumb that I didn't know you were taking these courses.

I guess we don't see each other very often for several different reasons... maybe it's good to break us in slowly to not seeing you at all once you move. Ugh.

That Easter picture outside kind of cracks me up - it looks cold. Typical MT Easter outdoor photo session.