Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, May 18th

Today has been a busy day. It started off this morning with the pet parade. Each student is allowed to bring in a pet and parade it around the playground. If you don't have a live pet, you can bring a stuffed pet. Hannah brought a bunny that she dressed up in a dress and put a necklace on it. She told me she won a prize, but I am not sure which catagory it was. (She didn't bring it home.) Some of the other pets there besides dogs and cats were a lizard, a turkey, a frog, a goat and a stuffed bear. The stuffed bear was cute - they mounted a dog kennel on a wagon and put the stuffed bear inside with his head sticking out. They put a sign on the cage saying, "Don't feed the bear." Some people are pretty creative!

This evening was Halee's preschool graduation program. Here is her class on stage. She is the 4th from the right.

These are Halee's 2 teachers - Ms. Sandie and Ms. Janessa

There "number" tonight was to each say a memory verse for each letter of the alphabet. Halee had D - Do to others as you would have the do to you.


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JeremyNSunny said...

Awww! The girls are doing great! :) So many different, exciting things going on!

I will be praying about your work, for sure, and the sale of your house. *uggh* ... These THINGS....

Ringing Rocks!!! OHMYGOODNESS! What in the world?! I have never even *heard* of this, and it's around the corner from where I grew up??? ... somethin' wrong with this picture. Those sound AWESOME! I'm so glad you took a video of it for us!!