Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who Knows!

As most of you already know, I interviewed for a kindergarten job at Heritage Christian School this past week. They said they hope to let me know by the first of this next week their decision. Hannah thought I was dressed so beautiful and wanted to take my picture. So, here you go! (Not sure why the font is doing this or how to correct it, so ... you get an underlined paragraph!)

Then on Friday, Ed and the girls headed to Kellogg, Idaho to buy this new-to-us truck. It is a 2006 GMC Sierra 4x4 diesel truck. It is very nice!

One of the things that we wanted in this new truck was 4 doors and more room in the back seat for the kids. They love it. There is lots of room and even a "table' that folds down between the seats to hold their cups.

I spent a lot of time this week helping my friend, Jenny, get ready for a garage sale. I was over there all day Tuesday and Friday. The sale was Saturday. This picture doesn't do much justice to how much she had for sale. I did bring over a few things and made $100. She made $700!

Last week (I actually started on my birthday) I started getting all the doors stained that were left to stain - 9 1/2 (I had done one side of a door and the other side had a hole to be repaired. It got repaired and I did the other side). Then we have been waiting all this week to spray the polyurethane on them. We were going to try and do it outside, but there always seems to be a breeze. So we set it up in the garage and got the first coat on this afternoon. I'm going to try and talk Ed into a second coat tonight. I think it will take at least 3! But we're on the downhill side of the door situation!

Lastly, Ed built the girls swings today. That is a thrill for all of us. Halee loves to swing and can actually swing all by herself now (see video). Hannah really like to swing too. And I don't have to go to the park any more to swing. Just send them outside and they can swing all on their own. YEAH! Thanks, Ed!

Oh, I guess this is last now. Hannah has been into playing the piano lately. This is her song she plays. I did get some books out to start teaching her, but she really likes just doing it on her own. She wants to take piano lessons, so time to look into that.


Sydni said...

Let us know on the job situation. I thought that picutre of you all dressed up was so cute!

Nice pickup. This one will so great with all the doors and room for the girls.

I'd have a garage sale if I could make $700.

It will be a fabulous day when Sayler gets the whole pumping action down so she can swing by herself. That swing set looks great.

Good job on the doors. Little by little.... :)

Go Hannah w/ the piano. What a wonderful thing to learn how to do!

Sydni said...

Woah, I noticed several typos in my previous comment. Oops. I need to slow down obviously.

JeremyNSunny said...

Mm! Niiiice truck!! What a wonderful blessing! When I saw the picture of the doors you have been working on, it occurred to me, "This is exactly why Jeremy and I would nnnnnnnever build our own house." We just are nnnot interested in it! lol Interested ... motivated ... somethin'!! lol

It's fun to hear Hannah's piano work. I've thought about recording some of N's & J's, but with my computer/internet doing that weird video thing, I've decided not to up til now.... (sigh) -gr-

I want to hear more about the garage sale. E-mail me about it?