Sunday, July 27, 2008

Relaxing week

I wanted to show you a picture of our fence. I believe this is the first house project that is complete! Most others things are in various stages of complete. Ed got this all finished and stained while we were gone. Doesn't it look nice? It completes our yard!

We spent most of this week just catching up - relaxing, playing, housecleaning, laundry, cooking, groceries, errands, etc. It was a very nice week.

Tuesday we got 2 big thunderstorms. The first storm hit about 3:00. Lots of wind and rain. In some parts of town, hail. The second storm hit about 6:00. With it came lots of wind and rain and even hail. It was a big news story around town. Lots of hail/wind damage. The only damage we got was the flower bed ...

and the garden. They was doing really good before the storm. They have perked up some. I even harvested some lettuce yesterday. We still have bean pods and tomato flowers. I think the cucumbers are gone and I'm not sure about the green peppers. We'll just have to wait and see. That is how gardening goes sometimes!

Wednesday and Thursday we rode our bikes to the park. Hannah has been doing really good on her bike. She asked Ed to take off her training wheels. I suggested only one for now because she gets so scared about things. She is doing really well. She uses it to start off, but then can keep her balance most of the way. Turns are still nerve racking for her. I think we'll leave that one on for a while till she gets more hang of things.
Saturday we FINALLY got the raft out and floated the Madison. It has been 2 years. The last time we went, Halee cried the whole way (which is about 3 hours). This time she did great. She enjoyed holding her fishing pole and catching seaweed.

Hannah has always been very good on the raft. Well, this time, since she is older and more aware of her fears, it was a different story. She just wasn't too sure about things. In the front of the raft we have 2 seats. She wanted to sit securely between the two. Then she wanted to sit in the middle. Then she decided that the way back, down on the floor was best.

But as time went on, she became more comfortable and by the end was hanging over the edge and putting her hands in the water! It just takes her time to realize that we will keep her safe.

Ed is almost always our rowman. (2 years ago I had him teach me because I needed a break from Halee. Also, I don't fish and he does, so in the future, when the girls are older, I see myself doing more of the rowing so that he can fish.) He didn't actually row too hard on this float. In fact, the last half, he laid on the side of the boat with his feet in the water! If we needed repositioning, he would just kick his feet a little and then we were good. We mostly just floated.

It was a nice, relaxing family outing. We started the float around 10:30 and were done around 1:30. We headed home, did a few things around the house and ran a few errands. We all watched a movie together and then off to bed.


The Willenbrecht's said...

What fun you had...I am glad you were able to relax a little this week after all the travel! Your raft looks like a blast. Did you catch any fish? And do you usually keep them?

JeremyNSunny said...

Mmmmmmmmm, the Madison. LAZY DAZE. lol That is the BEST river in, like, the world, for floating, I think!!!!! I miss that; add it to the list. What fun that is for your girls, to have their first floating experiences a such young ages. I never minded rowing on the Madison >> I could manage to get where I needed to go in time without freaking out. lol

I'm truly sorry about your flowers and garden plants; we are enduring similar storm damage.... I am currently expecting ZERO peas, cucumbers, spinach, and beets. MIGHT get a sunflower to flower, and we MIGHT have enough time to get a pumpkin or two. Coming along well are the lettuce, green onions, pepper plants, broccoli, cauliflower, and the forest of tomato plants. Amazing. I'm actually feeling blessed, in spite of the losses....

Oh, and -- thanks for the pics of your fence of gorgeousness. Great work, Ed!! Now come build us one!! lol jk

Sydni said...

The fence looks WONDERFUL and the relaxing week and float sound WONDERFUL!

Sydni said...
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