Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Big Trip

Here is the account of our big trip! We left Bozeman on July 9th and headed to Billings. We spent the night there.

We got up early on Thursday, July 10th and headed south. We drove all the way through Wyoming...

... and finally ended up in Colorado.

We stayed the night with my cousin. As usual, her whole family came over for dinner. It was nice to visit with all my cousins and aunt and uncle. The kids had a great time playing. On Friday morning, we headed to the zoo. My cousin, Jennifer, came with us along with 2 of her kids, David and Aiden, and my other cousins kid, Conner. We had a great time looking at all the animals.

For lunch we went to Chick Fil-A. Jennifer had been there the day before and found out it was cow appreciation day. They gave her some stickers for the kids to dress up as cows and then they could get a free kids meal. So, it cost me $6 for my 3 and $7 for her 4! After naps, we headed over to my other cousins, Ginger, for some water slide fun. Their cul-de-sac went together a few years ago to buy this water slide and a bounce house. Chuck has "adopted" them as he works from home and is the only dad at home during the days. They are quite heavy to set up and take down, so he's the man! Wow! The kids had so much fun. We all went to pizza for dinner to close out the day.

Saturday morning, July 12, we headed for New Mexico.

And just in case you are wondering what New Mexico looks like, this gives you an idea!

There we stayed with my Granny Dot for 2 days.

I learned something new about my Grandpa. He was one of 2 men that "broke" the ground for the hospital at the Air Force Base. My Granny had this shovel in her closet since 1965! A few months ago, she decided to donate it to the base. They made this shadow box and hung it in the main enterance.

Finally on Tuesday, July 15th, we made it to Texas.

And just in case you are wondering what the scenary in the Texas panhandle looks like ... here it is! Lots and lots of feed lots! This picture was taken outside of Herford, which I believe is cow capital of the world. And if I could send you the smell, ... well, you get the idea. It's a good thing we have the button to have the air recirrulated through our car instead of getting this fresh air!

The kids have been dieing to go to Chuck E. Cheese's. They hear about it every morning on PBS kids. My dad took us there for some pizza and games.

My birthday is Saturday. My mom wanted to make me a birthday cake while I was there. She had the girls help.

But Hannah thinks that you HAVE to have a party too! So, she planned a birthday party for me. They even went to Walmart and got decorations. I had to stay out of the house so that she could decorate. So mom and I went shopping and Hannah, Halee and Dad did the decorating - streamers and balloons. We also had to play some games. Mom had this game of pin the tail on the donkey, so it worked out well. We all participated. Hannah and Dad were the closest. We even have party favors for prizes!

Then we played a game of soccer.

Oh yes, we had party hats too, ...

.... and birthday cake and presents! It was fun!

Thursday night was Wonderland night. This is the local amusement park. I think there was only 3 or 4 rides that Hannah could not ride on and of those we went on, only2 that Halee could not ride on. We stayed until close and rode everything we could!

Nana always gives them a new book. Here she is reading them.

2630 miles and 12 days later, we are home! Now just trying to catch up ... which is why it has taken me so long to get this posted!


Sydni said...

Wow! That looks like a WONDERFUL trip. I especially liked the 'state sign pictures' with the girls. Very fun.

JeremyNSunny said...

Here we go again, wih the comment I was going to make being exactly the same comment Sy just made. (sigh) LOL!!! Jeremy has yet to EVER stop for state sign pictures in the twelve years he and I have been traveling together. DRIVES ME NUTS. lol I'm really glad you had a good trip, and I'm thankful for your AC, too. My family of origin did many MT - to - TX trips over the summers, and ... boy, you've GOTTA have that A/C.

Thanks for sharing about it!!