Friday, August 8, 2008

Party and Highline

On Tuesday, we drove to Big Timber to meet Ed's parents. Ed's birthday was Wednesday and his dad's on Thursday. We we had a little birthday celebration. The park in Big Timber is fabulous! From the looks of it, the whole town donated parts to make this "fort" happen. There are labels on everything - "This sound wall was donated by . . . " They have this big "Fort" and . . .

Tot land. Right next to this play structure is the swimming pool. So, the girls went wading (we didn't bring swim suits as we didn't know it would be open).

This is Halee

And Hannah

I made a little birthday cake and there wer presents exchanged. Peggy blew up some balloons and we had our party. We also grilled hamburgers. It was fun.
Wednesday was Ed's 40th birthday. We got a cake and had a little celebration after Bible class.

Today was the big youth rally adventure. The teens all hike up to Palisade Falls for the lessons and the "high line."

When you get off the high line, you have to cross this log to get back to the other side. Here Ed and Hannah are actually going the "wrong way" so that we could watch the people on the high line.

At lunch time I got to try it out. Here I am in the gear and heading up the hill to begin the ride. Hannah really wanted to try out the high line but Gage said that another time would be better. I'm glad she is interested in trying it since she is so fearful about things. We're making progress!

And this is the ride! There is a little bit of a ledge before the falls. So they let you off slowly until you get to that ledge. Then they hold you until they get the rope all let out. Then they let you go! Then you are abruptly stopped before you hit the tree - thank goodness! The people on the other side reel you in and unhook you. Oh my! What they did for me was a "medium whipper."

We left after lunch. The teens all stayed for the rest of the afternoon. About 4:00, a big rain storm blew in. I hope they all stayed safe! Ed hasn't gotten home yet for me to know.

One last note, during the big storm wind was really whipping. Hannah said that we should pray for the storm to settle down. So, all three of us took turns praying. Then when we were done, she looked out the window and thought it did die down some. That's awesome!


Sydni said...

Looks like lots of fun! How nice that the birthdays were celebrated in such a great spot. I'm very proud of Hannah for wanting to do the high line.

JeremyNSunny said...

WOW!! Go Loree!!!!! That's awesome that you got to do the high line!! Mom and I, on the phone today, agreed that it would be just sssssssssso cool. Awesome. I'm so glad you posted the video!! I've never known *exactly* how it works, so this was great to see!!

Mom also mentioned the big storm, and hoped & prayed everyone was okay. eek. But, I share your excitement for children's prayers being answered visibly and quickly. So great.

The Willenbrecht's said...

Happy Birthday to Ed...

The high line looks like a blast! Going over the water...Hanging in mid-air...Way to Go!