Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Wilson Adventures

This past weekend we ventured to Billings. Ed's aunt from Jackson was there and his brother and daughter were there too. So, it was a fun family get together!

Almost immediately after we drive up, the neighbor kids come over to play. I guess they can't wait for someone new to play with and a new place to play (as they have to stay in Gramma's yard!)

Halee desperatetly needed a nap. Aunt Lynne said she would lay down with Halee. However, Halee never went to sleep (that time) because she was too excited for Chloe to come.

Chloe finally arrived. We all brought the kids bikes. They were anxious to ride together. We were all impressed with Chloe's riding ability - no training wheels and she just turned 4 in April!

Another fun thing to do is swing in Gramma and Poppa's back yard!

Chloe wanted to pick some flowers.

Gramma told them all to bring their swimming suits. I wasn't told that so I didn't bring mine. Gramma's plan was to go swimming at the big pool. Since no other adult was willing to go with her, this is the swimming that they got! Gramma did put some hot tap water into it so it wouldn't be SSSOOO cold, but it still wasn't hot either!

Another fun thing to do at Gramma's is dress up. She has many different dress up clothes than we had at home. Hannah put all this on!

Aunt Lynne is like another grandma to them. She had brought them all gifts to open.

Poppa had just bought this fire truck Friday morning at a garage sale. It was a hit with Halee and Chloe. Poppa fixed it up so that they could pedal it and turn.

Back at home, I bought a slip and slide for the girls yesterday. It still hasn't been warm enough to warrant going out into the cold water. They couldn't wait. Finally this evening, Ed set it up and away they went. They weren't too good at sliding yet. Later after the water was turned off, Halee would lay on it and I would push her down it. They will get it with time and warmer weather!


Sydni said...

The videos made me smile and smie.

There are just so many fun things to do when they go visit Gramma and Poppa! My, my. How exciting.

JeremyNSunny said...

Fun post! Fun weekend! Neighbor relationships are so interesting. We are still friends with the daughter-and-her-family of our elderly neighbors when we lived in Blair! That fire truck is really something! Slip-and-slides are ssssso fun and ssso dangerous for our family of accident-prone folks!! LOL I hope you have better luck than we do!

Jenny said...

WOW y'all been having some fun. Sorry I haven't been keeping up too much or commenting. Looks like spring is finally in full swing for you. Enjoy your summer break and keep the cute photos, stories and videos coming! Thanks for all the comments on my blogs....maybe I'll get better as time goes on.