Friday, June 20, 2008

Lazy Week

Sorry no pictures again. I was going to get some taken this week and just never got around to it! I got a lot accomplished and had a pretty quiet week around the house. It was so nice and relaxing compared to my "normal" weeks! I finished staining the ceiling of the porch, made Hannah a pair of jammies (wanted to make 2, but my machine was not cooperating on the second pair and I gave up for now!), and gave the house a good cleaning. I was able to go to a friend's house and help her unpack one afternoon and then was able to watch her kids one morning so she could get some shopping done. We all slept in late and just were plain lazy some days. Oh, how nice.

Next week, on the other hand, won't be that way at all. We are leaving for Bible camp in the morning. This is the camp that I am the head cook for. I'm pretty nervous tonight, but know that once I get up there and get going, things will settle down. I'll let you know how things go when I get back.

So, ta ta for now!


Sydni said...

I've actually been thinking about you a lot with your cooking experience coming up so soon. I truly think you'll do a WONDERFUL job!

How nice that you got to do a little relaxing - that's good because of what's about to hit. Hee, hee. You'll do fabulously.

Jenny said...

You're so organized, your week of cooking should be great! Thinking of you and sorry I hadn't read your blog in awhile! Get some rest and enjoy the short of a season up there where you are!