Monday, June 16, 2008


Sorry it has been so long since I've posted. I'll just give you a brief sinopsis of what we've been up to. No pictures. I haven't had a chance to take any!

Since the last time I wrote, we went to Great Falls for a Young Families Retreat for christians. It was a good time. The lessons were for parents to learn how to raise better teenagers. The kids participated in a VBS - Sonic City. We took our camper and stayed in an RV park. Basically all we do is sleep in it, but it is nice to have our "own" space!

On Tuesday morning Ed left for Denver for the rest of the week. He had some "training" to do and meet people in the company locations down there. There was also a retirement party for the president of the company.

Wednesday started VBS for us here. Well, actually it started on Sunday evening when we got home from Great Falls! A lot of preparation before it actually starts. Wednesday is when the kids came. The theme was Power Lab - Discovering the Miracles of Jesus. It was a huge success. We had approximately 70 kids and at least half of them were community kids (not friends of our kids - just kids who came)! We even had one family attend services yesterday.

Saturday we stayed at home (mostly - Ed made a few trips to Home Depot and I had to take Halee to the dr - read on) and got things done around the house. Ed finished building the gates for our fence. Now it is completely closed in. All that's left is putting a "decorative" cap on the top and staining it. He also dug up some grass by the driveway that we drive on when we pull the camper out and put rocks down. Then in the backyard (where he took the rocks from) he added some sprinklers and put some grass down. He also put sprinklers in the garden. Hannah played outside all day! She loves to be outside but likes someone around. So that worked out great. Halee played outside too (except the dr appt and nap). Halee woke up with lots of red spots all over her. I had no idea what they were so I just took her into the doctor. Hives. Who knows what caused them . . . but one dose of Zyrtec and they're gone. I gave the kitchen a good cleaning (2 hours worth) and stained the ceiling of the front porch (that never got done last summer). I also got my grocery order for camp complete (which I'm nervous about - if I missed something or didn't order enough of something, there's no grocery store to make a quick run too!). It was a productive weekend.

This week we don't have much going on. It is the first week in a long time! I have one appt on Tuesday morning. So, I'm going to finish givin my house a deep cleaning and finish the porch ceiling. We are also going to just relax! Saturday we leave for a week at camp, in which I'm the head cook. So it will be a busy, tiring, but fun week. So we need this week to gear up!


The Willenbrecht's said...

Wow! You guys get so much done during the week. Have a great week relaxing and fueling up for the week at camp!

JeremyNSunny said...

Oh, Loree!! What a wonderful feeling it is to have accomplished so much!! I'm happy for you. :) I am very motivated by how much you guys get done around your house!! Totally great.

Have a great time at camp. Although you'll probably have to 'decide' to do so, please have a great time seeing all those loved ones ... even though you'll be working your fingers to the bone all week. :) I know you'll do GREAT!! Can't wait to hear about it! Love y'all.

Sydni said...

I too know you will do a fabulous job as the camp head cook!

Your schedule is packed so tightly it reminds me of the Foldings. Ha.

The hives ... now that's a little bizarre, but at least they seem to be taken care of so fast.