Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring has sprung

Spring has finally decided to show its face here in Montana. Yesterday the temp was probably in the 50's. Hannah had 2 friends over for a playdate and we all went to the park for about 45 minutes. Then later the girls went out to ride bikes. Today the weather was probably closer to 70 (at least that was the forcast and it was pretty warm!) Oh what a joy!

A week ago Friday, we had parent teacher conferences for Hannah. I was going to post her report card then, but my computer was doing something weird and then I forgot! Anyway, here is her 3rd quarter report card.
Mrs. King had very nice things to say about Hannah and that she was doing well in school. The only thing she wanted to see Hannah do better at was to slow down on her work. Sometimes she just rushes thru and she could do better. I asked about the 0 marks. She said that ment that she was just right on target with those things (grade level basically) and could use some more work on them. Basically she would like to see Hannah memorize more of her math facts so that they just come naturally. Same with the sight words. She does fairly well on most of them. Just a few that she has trouble with. But (and this is how Mrs. King put it) she is a little bit behind the other kids because of her age. I don't know about that, but take it for what it's worth! Hannah is doing well in kindergarten and will advance to first grade next year!


Sydni said...

I'm so glad I learned the 'trick' of clicking on images to enlarge them. Hannah had no S minuses! She also had very good attendance I thought.

Good Job Hannah!

JeremyNSunny said...