Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun stuff

I've been trying to get the girls more involved in household duties. It has been more difficult for me than I thought it would be because of the limited amount of time I seem to have. One of those deals where it is quicker if I do it! I'm really trying hard to take a breather and let them do more things. I'm really good about having them set the table for dinner. They take turns - whoever didn't have school that day is the day they set the table. I need add clearing the table and vacuuming, all duties they have done but I haven't made part of everyday life. Here is Halee vaccuuming the living room.
On Saturday I was looking thru my school stuff to find something. I ran across this math board. I was hoping it was addition, but it wasn't. Hannah has been doing some subtraction at school, so it was good practice. She worked on it off and on all weekend.

Tuesday evening Ed got some motivation to do some things around the house on the "to-do" list. He put the toe kicks up in the kitchen. Oh, they look so nice! On the side with the sink and dishwasher he decided to put the toe kick all the way across, even where the dishwasher is. I went to do the dishes the next day and couldn't get the dishwasher open. So, we can't put the toe kick under the dishwasher!

He also put of some of the trim under the windows. Oh, that looks nice too!

This past week, Hannah brought the UNO cards down to play. We had played once or twice before, but she lost interest quickly. Now she really enjoys playing! I think we have played every day this week. Tonight was the first night all of us played together. Ed had helped Hannah earlier in the week, but this time all three of us played our own hands. Halee was interested too and it was good practice on learning her numbers. She played with me and I would ask her what number it was as she put it down. We have a long ways to go, but this is a start. She was good about matching the colors, tho!

We have a busy weekend ahead. Our church is hosting a lectureship. On Saturday evening, I'm the cook for the dinner. My friend, Tisha, volunteered me for this job as a "trial" before camp. She's my assistant. Members of the congregation are providing all the ingredients. I asked for the chicken to be cooked and chopped and the onions to be chopped. So basically all I have to do is stir it all together and layer it in the pan! Also making the dessert which will be fairly simple, I'm thinking. But that led into making Orange Rolls on Saturday morning. So, Friday night, I'm going to making a batch of 75 orange rolls. That will be good practice too. Then their is potluck on Sunday. Plus all the lectures, etc. I'll be ready for a nap on Sunday!!!


Sydni said...

I totally agree about having S help... patience especially, works against me on that.

The Uno looks really fun and all the things Ed has done on your house look fabulous!

Well, we need to get packing for our little trip. Have a great and exhausting weekend! You'll be such a great camp cook - especially after practicing this weekend. Hee, hee.