Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fun Stuff

I let Halee wear a night gown the other day. It has been a long time since she has worn a night gown because she doesn't stay under the covers. Anyway, she was so excited. She walked around calling herself Cinderella and twirling in her "dress."

Halee has been into spelling lately. She'll say, "I can spell Halee with my eyes closed." She closes her eyes and says, "HALEE." Then she'll say that she is going to spell something else with her eyes closed, like street. Then she'll just say random letters. The other thing she has been doing is asking what letter does any word start with, like what letter does car start with. She still has no idea about letters and sounds so it is kind of funny, but a good game to play in order to learn.

For Christmas Hannah received an ant farm as a gift. We sent off for the ants in January but they said that they wouldn't send them until the ants could survive the mail (meaning it is warm enough to send them). We got the ants this week. However, it wasn't warm enough to send them and about half of them are dead. I was going to pick them all out, but they have started to bury them. the dead ones are the little curled up ones everywhere. It has been fun to watch them work. We are all interested in their progress.

Last thing today is Hannah's class picture came in. I work in the office on Thursdays, so I was able to get Hannah's today. Pretty cute picture!


Sydni said...

Hahah! The dead ants... at least they aren't all dead.

Did you make Halee's nightgown? How funny that she can spell with her eyes CLOSED! Very good!

Hannah has her first class picture. Oh, my. That really is cute.

JeremyNSunny said...

We had bad luck with an ant farm. I hope yours works out!!! :)

We have lots of spelling going on in this house, too. It's especially interesting to me because we have not yet really 'buckled down' on Natasha with spelling -- just here and there as opportunities arise, which is often, of course, but no enforced 'drills' yet, or anything. She is doing spelling-bee type spelling, and I am SHOCKED at how well she is doing; it's fascinating to me.

Mm, Mm, MMM! There is something SSSSSO precious about a fresh-showered kiddo!! All wet-hair & squeaky-clean!! Thanks for the sweet pic. ;)