Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas

Well, Christmas is here and gone now at the Wilson's. We have a tradition of opening our gifts on Christmas Eve. Ed let the girls and I open one present before dinner. He did that mainly because he got me a new mixer and we were having pizza and he wanted me to try it out on the dough. Works great! But it was good for the girls to have one present to play with for a while before they were inundated with lots of others. Here is Halee with hers - a remote control race car.
Here are some pictures of them playing with their other gifts. This is Hannah and her ballet mat. It comes with a video to teach you some ballet, this mat and bar.

Halee got a Dora Adventure. It comes with the Dora outfit, maracas, the mat and video. You watch the video and go on the adventure on your mat. She loves to put on the "costume" and watch her movie.

Halee also got this stuffed Dora to sleep with. She is really into having some kind of baby to sleep with. They always seem to fall out of her bed at night. Maybe this gigantic one won't!

Halee was really into opening the presents. She wanted to open them all. She would go to the tree, get a present and try to open it. We would stop her and find out who it was for. If it wasn't for her, she would go and put it back. We did make her then take it to the person it was for and she would generally help them open it. Here they are helping Poppa.

Then Santa comes during the night. Here is Hannah looking at her stocking stuff.

One of the presents they got from Nana were these new outfits. They wanted to wear them today.

One of the presents Gramma and Poppa got this year was a new 4 wheeler. They couldn't wait to go on a ride. So here is Halee. . .

And here is Hannah. . .

We did have a very merry Christmas. However, our usual sickness has come. Hannah started running a fever Sunday night. Halee ran a bit of a fever today. Both have been kind of crabby and such all day! Hannah took a 4 hour nap and probably would have slept longer except I woke her at 6:00. I do want her to sleep tonight!

Tomorrow is the big day for Hannah. I called the dr today to see if this fever would be a problem. He said probably not as long her lungs (breathing) is okay and wont' interfer with the anthesia. Hopefully things will start looking better by the end of the week!


Sydni said...

It looks like everyone there had a great Christmas!!

Sounds like the fever won't be a problem for the surgery... please keep us posted on how everything goes with that.