Monday, December 10, 2007

Lots of things

Halee really enjoys reading magazines lately. So, I took this picture!

This weekend we went to West Yellowstone for a Winter Rendezvous. One of the elders of the church there owns the Days Inn. This is the off season because Yellowstone National Park is closed. So, every year (for 17 years) they have offered this rendezvous. They invite a bunch of speakers to come and give lessons (I think there were 8 total throughout the weekend). They also own a snowmobile shop and rent the snowmobiles for a hugely discounted price too. So, that is what a lot of people do in their free time. This year Ed and a friend went down early on Friday and spent the whole day snowmobiling. They also went on Saturday afternoon. I chose not to go this year. Anyway, Ed gave the girls each a ride!


Then tonight was Halee's Christmas program. These programs are always interesting as no one is over 5! Halee's class is all 3 and 4 year olds. They sang two songs.

And here is the whole class (well all that was there).

Well, I have some videos, but I can't them to download. Actually they will upload but will not process. I started this blog yesterday and by noon today it was still processing! Any ideas on how to make it work?
Hannah's program is tonight.


JeremyNSunny said...

The pictures (and videos) are awesome! My mom and dad tape-recorded a Christmas program from my fifth grade year; it's really funny to listen to, as well! (a blast from the past, for sure!) Halee and Hannah look sssssso pretty in their Christmas dresses! I bet they had fun doing their presentations. I'm thankful you got the videos to upload. I'm still struggling with some I'm wanting to post. E-mail me the secret to getting them up?!