Sunday, December 23, 2007

Grammy Cracker

Today we went to a Christmas dinner at Ed's Gramma's. She lives in a cottage with 11 other elderly people. The staff of the cottage invited all the families to dinner. They opened gifts and had a prime rib dinner. We all had a fun time.

Here is Gram with one of her presents from Sheridan and Kay.
Here are Halee and Hannah having fun together.

This is all of us. Well, actually Sheridan and Kay came later, but this is all of us Wilson's.


JeremyNSunny said...

Oh, WOW, you guys are having such a lovely holiday season!!!! A couple years ago we lost Jeremy's grandma who lived in a nursing home in WI; since we lived in Omaha, we were able to visit her once a year when Elaine came up from LA. From now on we have to 'adopt' aged 'great-grandparents' to dote on; thankfully, because of God's built-in spiritual family, it's not too hard to do. :) I'm thankful you are attending to Ed's grandma. I think most folks don't spend enough time with their aged relatives. Not that you asked for my opinion. The piano clip of Halee is hilarious! Oh, man....