Sunday, October 12, 2008

This Weekend - Snow and Closet

Saturday we woke up to the first snow of winter. The girls couldn't wait to go and play in it. I put them off until about 9:00. The wind was blowing and there wasn't much snow, so they didn't stay out long!

There was a bit more snow this morning, but Hannah has been running a fever all weekend and I told her she needed to stay inside! Snow will come again. Halee is ready to go skiing!
The project of the weekend was closets, again. I decided on Friday that I was going to buy the "closet system" that we have been planning on buying. I got the money out of the bank and we went to Lowe's to make our big purchase. Low and behold, it was all 75% off! So we bought and bought and bought. Ed was just buying shelves for wherever! It was going to cost us $375 just for our closet. We payed $240 and got our closet, dressers for the girls closet, another shelf for the pantry and a shelf for the mud room. WOW! We were glad! Now I can put ALL my clothes in the closet (not just the season we are in) and we still have shelves left over!


Sydni said...

I meant to ask about Hannah's health tonight when I saw you at the newsletter folding. I hope she gets better soon - and that this isn't related to her teeth...

The closet situation sounds wonderful. It doesn't get much better than 75% off! Great timing.

The Willenbrecht's said...

Oh, what beautiful snow! I am sure the girls enjoyed what little time they had to play in it. I was hoping we would get some on Sunday but we received rain instead. I am sure we will get some soon enough.

Your closets look so nice. I can't believe you got 75% off. Fantastic!

Hope you are well and not getting what Hannah has. And that she is getting better.

JeremyNSunny said...

Ooooooh, our children are awaiting the snow with baited breath. :) We're ... still waiting.

And ooh-ooh-ooh, it's the shelving system that I'm drooling over! Mmmmmm!! Organization!! My favorite thing!!! :) Just ... enjoy your s-p-a-c-e. Jeremy and I are currently dealing with absolutely the smallest closet we have ever had!!!!! DRIVING US CRAZY.